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How can I connect a microphone to my CTK-6000?


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I know this is not the intended usage, but I'd like to use my CTK-6000 for some at-home karaoke.


From my understanding, I would need some kind of pre-amp to connect a microphone to the "Audio In" port of the keyboard.


Is this correct, and if it is could someone recommend a simple microphone and pre-amp that I could use for this purpose?


Thank you!

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I have a Behringer UPhoria UM2 USB audio interface box, which contains a nice microphone pre-amp, (XENYX) and stereo outputs (RCA) that could be used as the audio-in to your keyboard.  It's a pretty compact unit, and has the added benefit that it can also be used as a USB audio recording device with your computer (for example, connect the audio outputs of your keyboard to its two audio inputs, and connect the USB connection to your computer, and it shows up as a USB audio device which can be selected as an input to recording software).  Of course, you can also use it to record other instruments (guitar,bass) and vocals.  There are other brands with similar units (M-Audio, PreSonus), but it's nice having one box that can serve dual purposes, as opposed to just being a microphone pre-amp.

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