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[LK-S250] Left hand/right hands help

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I am new to keyboards and MIDI in general.

I want to learn Rondo Alla Turca. Since the embedded song is too short and doesnt show fingers, I tried to download a MIDI file and setup Casio Music Space application to correctly show left part/right part.

But somehow it mix right/left part in yellow (aka right hand) and generates (? not sure about that) blue part for left hand. So the fingering is a mess and I cant do properly things.


Question: how to have left/right correctly set ?  Moreover, how to setup this left/right thing? In the app sometimes it is greyed, sometimes it is not but I cant grasp why it is like this and why I cant parametrize it more precisely


Thanks for your answers

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Thanks for your answer, but when i disable "display chord names" the only choice i have to specify hands is the left column (number 1), all other columns are greyed



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Oh I see...

In that case, is it possible to set a limit key for separation left hand/ right hand ?

Or where can I find some MIDI files having multiple tracks for that purpose ? It seems the top search results are not the best MIDIs

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