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Dream Theater tone preset sounds for CASIO CTX800

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Dream Theater CASIO CTX800 Sound Presets

Hello everyone, here are some presets that I made inspired by the dream theater keyboard sounds, most of these sounds sound too good on the Casio CTX800 if you know how to put the indicated sounds with the layer, split and other options. It has the same keyboard built in, so there will be a lot of symbols but don't worry because I will leave what each acronym or symbols mean explained in the next line:

Tch=touch, Rvb=Reverb, Chr=Chorus, EQ=Equalizer, Ux;000+/-A = U1/2;numbers3digits+/-Octaves, Splt;000+/-A;Nt=SplitOnBassSide-Numbers3digits+/-Octaves;Note

Once this has been explained, here are the presets and their symbolic indications.

1.       Piano Bright: U1;005+0  U2;003+0 Tch-4 Rvb-15 Chr-2 EQ-6

2.       Piano Wait for Sleep: U1;014+0  U2;005+0 Tch-4 Rvb-15 Chr-2 EQ-6

3.       Change of Season Intro Set: U1;013+0  U2;052+1  Splt;335+2;F3 Tch-4 Rvb-11 Chr-1 EQ-6

4.       Metropolis Pt1. Intro Set: U1;340+0  U2;341+0  Splt;008-1;F4 Tch-1 Rvb-15 Chr-3 EQ-6

5.       I&W Strings Set 1 (Pad): U1;327+0  U2;187-1  Splt;194+0;C4 Tch-2 Rvb-15 Chr-4 EQ-6

6.       I&W Strings Set 2 (Synth): U1;187+0  U2;328-1  Tch-3 Rvb-15 Chr-5 EQ-6

7.       Metropolis Pt.1 Interlude Set: U1;524-3  U2;543-2  Splt;189+0;C4 Tch-2 Rvb-2 Chr-1 EQ-6

8.       Metropolis Pt.1 Strings Hit Layer Set: U1;183-1  U2;195-2  Tch-1 Rvb-13 Chr-1 EQ-6

9.       Overture 1928 Intro Set: U1;190-1or+0  U2;118-3 Splt;260+2;F#3 Tch-1 Rvb-2 Chr-1 EQ-6

10.   Overture 1928 Brass/String Orch. Set: U1;190-1  U2;187-1  Splt;231+1;C4  Tch-1 Rvb-11 Chr-1 EQ-6

11.   Overture 1928 Synth Bass/Synth Pad Set: U1;347+0  U2;188-1  Splt;145-2;F4 Tch-1 Rvb-15 Chr-8 EQ-6

12.   Orch. Strings Duet Solo: U1;196+0  U2;198+0 Tch-3 Rvb-11 Chr-1 EQ-6

13.   Rudess Orch. Strings: U1;187+0  U2;183-1  Tch-2 Rvb-11 Chr-1 EQ-6

14.   Strings/Choirs Set: U1;337-1  U2;335-1  Splt;183+0;C4 Tch-2 Rvb-11 Chr-1 EQ-6

15.   Strings/Harpsichord Set: U1;019+0  U2;018+0  Splt;336+2;C4 Tch-1 Rvb-11 Chr-1 EQ-6

16.   Baroque Pipe Organ: U1;456+0  U2;057+0 Tch-2 Rvb-11 Chr-1 EQ-6

17.   Hammond Organ OD: U1;059+0  U2;066+1 Tch-1 Rvb-6 Chr-10 EQ-6

18.   Orch. Flute Solo: U1;510+0  U2;255+0 Tch-2 Rvb-13 Chr-1 EQ-6

19.   Home Dist Guit./Sitar+Tabla: U1;367+0  U2;385+0  Splt;129+0;C5 Tch-2 Rvb-13 Chr-1 EQ-6

20.   I&W Bells Set: U1;343+0  U2;362+0 Tch-4 Rvb-13 Chr-4 EQ-6

21.   Metropolis Pt.1 Percussive Vibe 1: U1;376+0  U2;543-1 Tch-1 Rvb-1 Chr-1 EQ-6

22.   Metropolis Pt.1 Percussive Vibe 2: U1;450-1  U2;543-2 Tch-1 Rvb-2 Chr-8 EQ-6

23.   Overture 1928 Dist Guit./Percussive Vibe: U1;408-1  U2;448+0  Splt;129-1;C4 Tch-1 Rvb-6 Chr-1 EQ-6

24.   I&W Saw Lead Main: U1;273+0  U2;287+0 Tch-1 Rvb-19 Chr-8 EQ-6

25.   I&W Saw Lead for Unison with Guitar: U1;272+0 Tch-1 Rvb-13 Chr-1 EQ-6

26.   I&W Square Lead: U1;517+0  U2;293+0 Tch-1 Rvb-8 Chr-8 EQ-6

27.   I&W Sine Glide Lead: U1;273+0  U2;292+0 Tch-1 Rvb-2 Chr-8 EQ-6

28.   I&W Roland DW8000 Lead Style: U1;289+0  U2;274+0 Tch-3 Rvb-15 Chr-4 EQ-6

29.   Rudess Liquid Lead Style: U1;273+0  U2;274+0 Tch-1 Rvb-11 Chr-9 EQ-6

30.   (Bonus) Jazz Fusion EP: U1;441+0  U2;022+0 Tch-4 Rvb-9 Chr-1 EQ-6


There are some sounds (specifically the Lead Synth) that have a good sound as such, but when playing lead sounds of any type, most of the time they sound very good because of the monophonic option (which this keyboard does not include) and many times with the keyboards monophonic playing leads is much easier because of the technique itself, so with the CTX you can at least have the base sounds but not the monophonic function to play comfortably, nothing is perfect haha but at least there is something to work with, many of these presets are designed in the same way to be used with the sustain pedal, the order of the presets can be put to the user's liking in the order and in the banks they want, and finally you may notice some discrepancies of volumes between preset and preset, I don't know why that is but it's not a big problem, it could really be solved with a full range compressor in pedal or plugin format that does the same, now enjoy the information.

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I'm looking for organ presets, which would fit in a  CT-X800.

I would be really grateful if you could share (only) this:


17.   Hammond Organ OD: U1;059+0  U2;066+1 Tch-1 Rvb-6 Chr-10 EQ-6


Thanks in advance!


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17. Hammond Organ OD: U1;059+0  U2;066+1 Tch-1 Rvb-6 Chr-10 EQ-6Rvb-6 Chr-10 EQ-6


Reverb-6, Chorus-10, EQ-6 these I know what it means.

But what are:   OD?    U1;059+0?    U2;066+1 ? Tch-1? 

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