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weird problem with CA 110

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Hi everyone!!


I have tried searching and checked the manual, and have found nothing so figured I would have to ask.


I have a second hand CA-110, it has a weird glitch where the middle C sharp sounds out both the C# and the D at the same time? The D doesn't do this, only the C sharp and it does this across all sounds.

I have tried the keyboard with new batteries, and with a wall adapter. I cleaned the keyboard thoroughly when I first got it last year, and since then i wipe it down with a microfibre cloth whenever I'm cleaning the collection. I keep all my keyboards in a spare room, and the power outlets which are not in use get switched off at the wall so there shouldn't be any interference happening from other devices.


I found a reddit thread with someone having the same issue with a Yamaha keyboard due to water damage, and seeing as this one is second hand there's a chance the previous owner might have done something and not told me about it, but there are no other signs of damage that I found.


Does anyone know what I should try next to fix it?




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