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Strange Irish ish tune

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"Follow Me Up to Carlow" is an Irish folk song celebrating the defeat of an army of 3,000 English soldiers by Fiach Mac Aodh Ó Broin(anglicised Fiach McHugh O'Byrne) at the Battle of Glenmalure, during the Second Desmond Rebellion in 1580.

Well this song is about a Rebellion that happened in Ireland in the 16th Century, lead by "Faich McHugh". 
It's specifically about the Battle of "Glenmalure" which was a Great Victory for the Irish Rebels over the English (lead by "Fitzwilliam").
They defeated the English army and Killed Fitzwilliam (who was the Crown's representative), and then send his Severed head over to Queen Elizabeth ("now for black Fitzwilliam's head



I find it amazing how a song travels and mutates(changes) into something new

I did a gig with Ronnie Drew in London years ago.

It was longer than I thought for I played the bass and traveled by bus and made a cabinet for the speaker and assembled it at the gig.

My girl friend helped me with the bits of wood on the bus.I had forgotten that time.

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