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  1. My first thought is has to do with the leverage of the keys (where the fulcrum is). Maybe someone else here with an X60 can confirm.
  2. My money is on a MIDI problem as well. Try a new cable. What is the second keyboard you are using? Also is the PX-5S the master or slave keyboard in your setup?
  3. You can sell whatever sounds to create, just not on this forum as we have a no selling policy. We have a download area where we all share sounds freely with the community. ADMIN NOTE: I deleted your second post dealing with this exact subject. Just to be clear, we are a online community FOR Casio enthusiasts managed BY Casio enthusiasts. We give and take freely how-to info, tips and tricks, and custom sounds. Feel free to upload any sounds you wish to share here:
  4. It sounds like the USB MIDI is working. My guess is the MIDI OUT isn't being routed to the Privia.. look in the settings of the program and see if you find that.
  5. What Ted said. Try and see. From what I understand the new touchscreen models (CGP-700, PX-360, PX-560, MZ-X300 & 500) share a lot of "DNA" in their operating systems. Give it a whirl.
  6. You need to send a program change for the drums to play properly. See this thread:
  7. I think you misunderstood. The idea is not to modify the date/time of the creation date, it's to add an additional field in the "details" to show "date modified". I've been able to do this with every version of Windows since 3.0. (YEP I'M OLD! LOLOLOLOLOL) You know there also is VERY simple workaround is to just add the date at the beginning of the file name when you rename it. That way, when you sort by name it will by date. Ex. 03-15-17-1-Piano-Song 03-15-17-2-Piano-Song2 The last thing I will add: The built-in USB recorder is not intended to replace a professional DAW or hardware DAR - it's more meant as a scratch pad to capture ideas. Unless you are recording some heavily layered hex SS or a full MIDI "performace", the level of a solo piano recorded on the USB is not really loud enough for a "pro" recording. Yes you can boost/normalize, but that does add some noise to the recording. Just my 2 cents and worth exactly that. LOLOLOLOl
  8. I don't use Win 10 but all previous versions of Windows lets you customize a folders view properties so all files in the folder will show the properties you want.. I'd be very surprised if this was suddenly unavailable in Win 10 - it's a crucial feature. If you can't figure out in Win 10 and another user here can't help perhaps google, youtube or Windows forum.
  9. Hello and welcome to the Casio forums. The panic switch is the on/off button. :-) I haven't seen m(any) modern keyboards with a panic switch.
  10. Very easy fix. At the end of a recording session, put the USB drive in the computer and rename the files to whatever you want. In the folder properties, make sure "date modified" field is shown and Bob's your uncle!
  11. Hi Jack and welcome to the Casio Forums. What Ted said. But if you want to record your keyboard play, there are many other ways to do it: If you have and iPhone or iPad and little adapter under $50 and a $15 app can turn it into a full digital recording studio. Your computer can also be recruited for the same purpose, but the audio interface and software is more expensive. Finally, there are digital mulitrack recorders out there -- you will find them very handy if you want to record your voice, guitar, and keyboard. Some even have built in drum tracks.
  12. What Joe said. Also make sure the cable from the speakers in seated firmly into the keyboard. Sometimes people don't push it in all the way.
  13. Hey there. I believe there is a preset already there with piano and strings with the levels controlled by the sliders. In able to do it yourselft with custom tones, check out the tutorial (subject area timestamps are below to jump to the right spots) 00:00 Intro01:16 General tour of PX-5S (Overview)01:38 Stage Settings (Groupings)05:33 Display description (Zones/Tones)07:23 ( + ) and ( - ) Enabling Zones07:39 Changing/Adding Tones16:40 Adjust Zone Levels with Knobs/Sliders