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  1. PX-780 problem creating a preset

    Hey Lou. Well if both buttons work OK, then I'm guessing it's a silly thing we're missing here-- I do not think your keyboard is defective.. I'm going to reach out to some people and see if we can get this squared away for you. Thanks for your patience.
  2. Loop sample on XW-G1

    Hi Frank. It's been a while, but I'm pretty certain you set the loop point in the editor before uploading. You can then assign it to the keyboard and have it "hold". This is all done without using the Sample Loope.r
  3. Hawaii guitar tone

    Brad implied, you inferred.
  4. PX-780 problem creating a preset

    Hi Lou and welcome to the Casio forums. Does the rhythm editor button work on its own?
  5. Best all round amp/speaker setup, please?

    Hey there and welcome to the forums. The PX-5S is a great stage piano. :-) Anyway, some questions: What's your budget? How large is your typical venue? Do they need to act as monitors as well? The more you tell us about your gigs, music and sounds you use the better we can help!
  6. Hi Dan and welcome to the forums. PX-5S is awesome, yes? So I'm Not a Mac user so I can't help you with a test, but I can tell you that version of MAC OSX is supported. Thinking back, I seem to recall there was some issues with Macs and the data editor, but I think it had to do with the unzipping (unpacking?).. Maybe some others can chime in and help jog my memory on this issues. Sit tight -- help is on the way!
  7. LK 260 headphone question

    There are gnomes that steal these adapters and all of a sudden it will turn up missing. So do yourself a favor and grab a few more when you get a chance. I keep a dozen in my toolbox. :-) BTW: If your playing is bad, get the gold plated ones.. they instantly make you sound better!
  8. Sound request

    Looks like that is what you need to (didgeri)doo).
  9. I was perusing Casio's annual report for 2016 and found this very interesting statement from the Casio CEO: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ "In the electronic musical instruments business, we will endeavor to develop new markets by marketing instruments at high price points, especially our full-featured pianos and high-quality keyboards. Specifically, we will market instruments to specialty musical instrument stores and music schools, and we will expand sales of keyboards in North America and Europe." Kazuo Kashio Casio Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is great news! More high-end digital pianos and keyboards for pros and "prosumers".. next gen versions of the current line up or all new instruments??? . By the way, this is also good for the casual user; the tech from the flagship models usually end up in mid-range instruments eventually, often in a more limited form. We're already seeing this with the Celviano AP-700: it has the three piano samples from the Grand Hybrid series. Go Go Casio!

    Casio doesn't leak any info on new boards. We've even tried bribing Mike with new camera gear, but his lips are sealed. :-) That being said, and I have no specific (or any other type of) knowledge on this, but I would be very surprised if there isn't another flagship stage piano in the works - just as every company keeps developing their next product, be it a keyboard, a car, an iPhone. You get it. Casio reps read this page as well as all the other forums and Facebook Groups and take users feedback and suggestions very seriously. The PX-560 is testament to this fact: They included many things people wanted in the PX-5S (exp. pedal input, touchscreen, transpose buttons, speakers). While not quite the next gen PX-5S, it's a big step toward what we may see if they indeed make another Privia Pro. So that's the "if" part -- as for the when... Who knows? Could be this winter, could be 2 or 3 years... But the longer it's in the lab the better it is for us. :-) Oh yeah, it won't be the PX-7S -- they already have a PX-7. So let's see - but don't hold your breath! These things take time!
  11. Initial thoughts on MZ-X500

    Some great posts here. I've been wanting to delve deeper into the MZ-X500 but it's been a crazy summer! I hope to have some simple how to videos coming soon - more music ed stuff but all done with the MZ. To recap for new people: I got my MZ-X500 last fall specifically for a musical at my son's school. It ticked every box: Light, compact and could sample for sound effects. The speakers meant I didn't need to take up room with a monitor in the already tight orchestra pit. Setting up the sounds in order took literally seconds and you can use a foot switch to toggle through the selections in order. Superb gigging keyboard as well as a studio arranger! Hope to have some more on this when things settle down this Fall. Unless I do another musical LOL.
  12. Casio PX 560

    What about binary? I bet you speak that. So why don't you go 10100011101011100010101.
  13. CDP130: Best tone quality

    Hi Janet. Grand Piano is a tone (or sound) and Hall is an effect added on to the tone (in this case reverb, like a cathedral) You should always go with what sounds best to you in your listening environment. The Hall effect is good in small rooms, but may get muddy if the room has an echo.
  14. Casio PX 560

    Hi there. You can not load user samples into the PX-560. If you want different piano tones you will need to use a VST or app. Sorry!
  15. Sustain pedal not working

    The users help each other out and we call in Mike or Rich when we're stumped. :-) As for issues, not sure what you're referring to. If it's the expression pedal thing: Like Alen said, the MZ-X has it as does the PX-560: This was a HUGE thing for them. I don't think they had an expression pedal input on a keyboard since the 80s!