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  1. You can adjust the tone a great deal, but at the end of the day these are samples from two different pianos: Yamaha of course uses their pianos and Casio uses world renowned European concert grands. But to your question, you want to brighten up the piano with EQ and cut some of the "thumpy" bass. In a mix it will sit really nice. Exposed, use some reverb and a little extra sustain. Just my 2 cens.
  2. Hey there. Your best bet is to get a small audio mixer and a dynamic mic with cable. This can be done as low as $60-$70, but with mics you get what you pay for. I like the Shure line of classic mics (SM58, etc). Keep at it! Knowing how to connect, record and amplify all of this is an important skill and has landed me gigs over more skilled players.
  3. px350

    My guess is it's some kind of USB conflict. My older computer wouldn't recognize my PX-5S until I did a factory restore on the computer... them it was fine. After further research I found it was indeed a USB issue and nothing to do with my Casio.
  4. px350

    Hey there and welcome to the Casio Forums. Your issue is probably just a glitch. Let us know if it re-surfaces. RE: The USB drive port: No it won't interfere with MIDI at all.
  5. Hey there. Well the last idea you had (connecting 2 cables) will do nothing -- the LK doesn't get power from the USB -- it only is for MIDI. My *guess* is this a a driver / OS clashing issue. I am a little concerned when you say you downloadied "tons" of different drivers... there is only one official one at: Something to try: Create a new user profile in Windowns, and running in Windows Vista® (32-bit)/®7(32-bit)/®8(32-bit)/®8.1(32-bit). Worth a shot! :-)
  6. I don't think you can record on the MIDI recorder using an external keyboard, but you can record on the MZ-X and then have it PLAY BACK a track to an external keyboard. As for your other question, "punch in" recording is certainly a function of the MZ-X --- consult the manuals for specific instructions on the process.
  7. MZ-X500 has a TON of awesome synth sounds, including a new bass synth engine. Combine with the hex layers.. yeah it can sound like a warm analog or a crisp clear digital.
  8. Hi Frank and welcome to the forums. You can't create rhythms from scratch, but you can edit the presets and save them as a user rhythm.
  9. I'd go for the PX-150.
  10. Hey there and welcome to the Casio forums. Have you tried running the program in compatibility mode for an older OS? See ----->
  11. The material used on the screen is plexiglass, which is very strong but can scratch if not cared for correctly. Being this isn't a touch-screen, you shouldn't have to wipe it at all.. just a blast with some compressed air. I am struggling to figure out how you scratched the screen on the second one within in a week despite all the TLC. Something must have come into contact with it. Do you have a nosy cat? My suggestion: Get one of those cell phone screen protectors from the dollar store.
  12. Thanks for the head's up Alen. I haven't experienced this but I will send a note up the line. Thanks again.
  13. XW Synths are certainly something special and probably the most misunderstood synths on the market. The analog-style step-sequencer alone is worth the price of admission. Add to the HUGE selection of drum sounds.. I think they have every classic and modern drum machine sampled in there. I love my G1 -- it never fails to inspire! Will probably pick up a XW-P1 before too long so I can have both these little monsters. :-)
  14. The speaker system on the PX-850 is pretty robust and fills the room quite nicely. If you are used to that sound and then go to headphones, you lose a lot of the "feel" of the bass sound. I'm with Joe in checking your headphones and making sure they up to the task. What brand / model headphones are you using?