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  1. Hey guys. Have you explored the Registration Sequence feature (Pg. E-46 is the Tut Manual You can save multiple set-ups and change the registration with a pedal press. This may be just what you're looking for.
  2. Hey there: Some preset tones that may be what you want: E Piano Banlk - 047: Tubular Bell Synth Bank - 115 - Christmas Bell
  3. Not sure how the keyboard "fixed" itself - so my guess is it was an electronic issue not a mechanical issue. That single key though: That sounds like a sensor issue on that one key. It could be something as simple as some dust or other debris in there that a good blast from a can 'o 'air will clear up, or it could be the actual sensors need to be looked at. Try the can o air and see if that helps (really blast it good from all angles with the keyboard upside down so anything in there has a better chance of falling out) --- If that doesn't work, it needs some real service.
  4. MIDI clock was implemented in the latest firmware (1.40) update.... Have you done this?
  5. So sorry the seller won't work with you on this. You next step is to contact your closet repair center to get this looked at under warranty: Hope everything works out!
  6. Hi there and welcome to the Casio Forums. I am thinking it sounds like some resonance with the speakers or their housing. Does it sound better at lower volumes and get worse as you increase? Did you buy from a local shop?
  7. Hi there and welcome to the Casio forums. From my research, Casio doesn't support Mac drivers for this model . There is a third party driver that may help you out. Note: This is not an official driver so use at your own risk: I found it from this thread, and the person with the issue marked it as "solved", so it seems legit, but again Casio or Apple do not support or endorse this.
  8. guitar 12 strings in px 5s

    Hey I have one too. I spend half my time tuning it and the other half playing out of tune! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  9. Hey there and welcome to the Casio Forums? Voice prompt? Maybe you mean sampling your voice using a the built-in or external mic?
  10. If you're looking for a live gig board I would def. take the MZ-X over the XW-P1. Making "set-lists" with the registrations is very easy and you can sample sounds, note, or do phrases with the sample pads. The XW-P1 is awesome, but for your application I'd say the MZ-X 10000%
  11. I watched and listened to your video - it sounds perfectly normal. That being said, hearing is a very subjective sense, I suggest using a parametric EQ to customize the sound so it is pleasing to you.--- may help "smooth" out the frequencies that bother you.
  12. Hi there and welcome to the Casio forums. One thing to realize about those vintage synth sounds is they are all built on very basic waveforms with adjustments being made to the envelope, filter and delay effects. THAT'S IT! I gave a quick listen and I heard a square wave and a sawtooth wave. Those are all in the XW-P1 as basic waveforms. As a bonus you will find actual samples from many famous vintage synths in there as well -- so check out those raw waveforms and tweak until you get it where you want it to be.
  13. Pretty sure sound source is still AHL (it is on the new CTK-2550, so I'm guessing the all are). It may sound better due to better effects. It's amazing what a splash of reverb and delay can do to make a sound 100% better. It's one of the big reasons the Roland D-50 did so well back in the 80s.. was the first synth with built in digital effects.
  14. New Instruments Introduced at NAMM:
  15. ^^ THAT ^^ -- If you need a keyboard with a sustain pedal, check out and peruse the keyboards, making sure to check out the specs to see if they have a pedal. If you are looking to do piano-type playing, I highly suggest looking at the Privia models. They have an awesome keyboard feel and piano sound. The entry level is the PX-160 at $500 and they go up from there. If you are on a budget, the Casio CDP-130 is $400 (and sometimes $300 on sale) and is a very good value. And yes, all the Privias and the CDP-130 have sustain pedal inputs!