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  1. B to B usb casio equipment connectivity

    As stated, the USB to USB method will not work. Not even sure if the CTK can record external MIDI into its sequencer.. (Can it, Ted?) Anyway, yes a multi-track audio program or hardware multitrack (Look at an Zoom R-16) will be the easiest way to go. Multitrack MIDI can be pretty tricky for a beginner and you'll soon be so frustrated it's no fun.
  2. B to B usb casio equipment connectivity

    Unless the PD1 got it in an update (which is entirely possible), the PD1 doesn't output clock either.
  3. Need Advice for Upgrading from CGP-700

    Just to expand for the OP: Those are line inputs so the easiest thing is to use a small mixer as a preamp. So the mic goes to the mixer and the mixer goes into the line in. You can get a nice micro mixer for well under $50.
  4. For those who wants to get a brand new PD or DJ

    Looks like PD-1 is almost gone.. and it looks like local pickup only??? Anyway, the PD-1 is a little tricky to learn, but it's not rocket surgery. I had most of the functions down after a few sessions. The editor helps a TON!
  5. members status

    It's based on participation.
  6. CDP230R

    Ah I didn't realize they had skipped the pond! I just looked - very good price at Costco for these.
  7. CDP-235CSCB

    It's down to $349 FYI: https://www.costco.com/Casio-88-Key-Digital-Piano-Bundle---CDP-235CSCB-.product.100375017.html
  8. CDP230R

    Hey there and welcome to the Casio forums. The CDP-230 is not available in the North American market, which is what this forum *primarily* serves. Of course, we welcome everyone from all over the world and help everyone the best we can, but we put the most popular models in their own forums and the rest come here to the General forums. To your question: You are having a USB ground loop issue and it's a very common issue. To solve it, there are various USB hum eliminators available, or you can try plugging your devices into outlets on different circuits. Had a guy run a 50' extension cord to another room to get on a different circuit, but it worked. Let us know how it works out. Always like to add success stories and methods to the bag o' tricks!
  9. DELETED-FILES ?? Nightmare ?? Help / Recover

    Hey Jay. Well sorry for your situation. As far as data recovery, I'd call around and explain your situation. I know when items are deleted from a hard drive, they are still there until the space is needed. Not sure with a USB drive, so again, I'd call (or email) around and see who seems best able to help you at the best cost. Good luck!
  10. Hey there and welcome to the Casio forums. Your English is great -- I understand 100% what you're asking. In the US, many stores and online retailers have sales: some are on select items (doorbusters) and some will do a percentage off. How much depends on a lot of things, so you just need to be vigilant and keep hunting until you find a deal you like. As for your second question: PX-350 vs. PX-160. Which is better? That depends....The PX-350 has many, many more tones and more functions than the 160, like built-in drums, accompaniment and recording. But if you don't need all that, the PX-160's simplicity, improved speaker, and new string sounds may be better. If it was me, I'd probably go for the PX-350, especially if it was discounted. Good luck in your search! We're always here to help.
  11. Pedal Speed

    https://priviapro.wordpress.com/2013/05/30/changing-a-pedal-assignment/ Also this from a @BradMZ post: " (Leslie) Rotary is one of the many DSP effects that can be applied to any of the tones. You can add it to a tone by editing the tone. You'll also want control of rotary, so you will also be editing or creating a new stage setting because controller setup is done in stage settings. Before doing anything you'll need to select the stage setting you wish to use and then use the zone buttons to select the zone you want your organ to be in and then select the desired organ tone from the tone buttons. Now you can edit the tone. To edit a tone and add any DSP to a tone press... .....Edit, Down, Enter, >, Enter, Enter .....Choose your effect by scrolling through the list using knob 2 or the yes no buttons (look for rotary or drive rotary in your case) and exit out to the main screen. Now you'll want to control the brake of rotary speaker. A pedal can be assigned to act as a brake controller. This is done under stage setting > common edit. This sequence of buttons gets you to pedal 1 or 2 in stage setting common editing. .....Edit, Enter, >, Enter, >, >, >, Down until you see pedal 1 or 2 (choose the one you want) then press Enter and then enter once more for pedal 1 target screen. Use Knob 2 or the yes no buttons to scroll through the list of targets and choose BRAKE or SPEED depending on what you want to control. .....Now press exit to return to pedal 1 screen and go down to Mode and select Toggle or Momentary depending on how you want your brake to work. Now you will need to enable the pedal for the zone that all of this is on. This is done under stage setting editing. Press edit and go to stage setting edit. Enter Zone edit and go down to controller and enter. Choose your pedal from the list and turn it on. Use the Zone buttons to switch to the other zones while you are there and turn the pedal off for those other zones. You've just created a new stage setting that isn't saved yet. Be sure to save your new stage setting before changing to a new one or all will be lost. Now your tone with rotary is saved inside of the stage setting. If you want your tone to exist outside of this stage setting then you will need to also save the tone individually. "
  12. Hey there and welcome to the Casio forums. You picked a great synth to add your line up. The workflow takes a little getting used to, but once you get it working things out is very easy.
  13. sad

    I've had my PX-5S for over 4 years and not one issue. Over 3,500 people in the PX-5S FB group. Several with the "no media" issue, solved by doing what Brad suggested. If you still have an issue, you will need to have it serviced. That's all. No big deal.
  14. PX-780 problem creating a preset

    Hey Lou. Well if both buttons work OK, then I'm guessing it's a silly thing we're missing here-- I do not think your keyboard is defective.. I'm going to reach out to some people and see if we can get this squared away for you. Thanks for your patience.
  15. Loop sample on XW-G1

    Hi Frank. It's been a while, but I'm pretty certain you set the loop point in the editor before uploading. You can then assign it to the keyboard and have it "hold". This is all done without using the Sample Loope.r