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  1. I am going to guess the the "ES" indicates the manual is in Spanish español
  2. Look in the controllers section and make sure the mod wheel is activated.
  3. Oh you're not alone! It is tricky to figure out. You may not even need to deal with NRPN -- standard MIDI CC's may get it done -- all depends on how you set it up. Bottom line: Be prepared to spend some time experimenting and dialing it in -- but it WILL do what you want once you get the pedal and P1 talking to each other correctly!
  4. While it's true you can't advance a performance using the standard foot switch as you can on some of the newer Casios, YOU can use a programmable MIDI pedal run into the XW-P1's MIDI in port. There will be some finagling and experimenting to get everything set correctly, but if you need this functionality that's how you do it. I'd look at the Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010. It has a lot of cool functions, dedicated up/down switches, 10 programmable switches and dual expression pedals.
  5. OK, I'm in on this! My ideal Casio would feature the following: - 88 key Privia keyboard - Step sequencer from the XW Series - Solo synth mode - 4 hexlayers - 8 arpeggiators - lots of knobs and sliders
  6. Yes I just saw the new Akai stuff.. very impressive. My best advice for Casio lovers is to post what you would like to see in a instrument. Casio really listens to their user base, and while there's no guarantee everything you want will be implemented, they do listen and do what they think is feasible. The Privia Pro PX-560 is a perfect example of this. While the PX-5S is an awesome keyboard, people wanted more: transpose buttons, better display, EXPRESSION PEDAL INPUT, and speakers. Well, that's what they got with the 560/. Don't hesitate to start a new thread with your "wish list". Again, no guarantee it will get in, but the Casio guys do monitor this forum and make note of what we are looking ofr.
  7. I think that was a decision based on how they thought how people would be using MIDI with them: as a master controller to send full sequence data to soft synths. The fact there is no 5 pin MIDI supports that notion. That being said, I do know more than a few people who passed on the PD1 because no MIDI DIN and no Sync - so it's good feedback for Casio for their next groove box.
  8. Hey there. You probably have some USB issue on your computer. The CTK-4400 is class compliant so there are no drivers to download or anything. Try another cable, USB port or computer to see where the issue is. As for recording: The 4400 does not record actual audio, only performance DATA. So you need to send the audio from from the keyboard and iphone out to a separate recorder.
  9. Hi there and welcome to the forums. The first thing I would do is call your dealer and see what they recommend. Not sure how it works over in the NLs.. you may be able to arrange in-home service. Either way, I would not advise trying to fix it yourself as you could void your warranty. But call your dealer and go from there. Good luck!
  10. Very good tips. In the "old days" it was easy to figure out from past works what sounds worked best together -- with electronic music it's a lot of trial and error. Much of my time is spend trying to see how different synth sounds blend and find their "space" in the mix. Sometimes it sound like cats in a blender, other times it's just perfect. I love the process of trying to find unheard sounds and make them sound perfect with other unheard sounds. It's like discovering new life. Ok, back to it.. To boldy go .............
  11. Hi and welcome to the forums. Sounds like the temperament of your CDR got changed. See page EN-54 of the manual and change the tuning to EQUAL TEMPERAMENT.
  12. After 3+ years mine is still nice and textured. As a standard practice, you should always wash your hands with a good soap that doesn't leave a residue to remove any oil and to balance the PH levels of your skin. This will help keep your keyboard surface clean and contaminant free.
  13. Hi there and welcome to the Casio Forums. Sorry for you trouble.. must be a bummer. Well it sounds like there may be either a power switch issue or some kind of other internal problem that needs a qualified tech to look at. If you just got it, I would bring it back to the store and see if they can help. Otherwise let us know where you're located and we can help you find the closest service center.
  14. I'd pick up either if they were in good shape and going for a good price. As far as the low-fi samples... Yes they are indeed, but that is a plus is much of the music I do. In fact I have an effect that simulates low-res to make my sounds more grainy.
  15. Anyone have this little guy? A sampling drum machine was very rare at the time of release, and the individual outputs for each sound is still very rare on modern drum machines. This would be a cool one for Casio to update and re-release!