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  1. Sampling sustained sounds

    No you're fine. This thread just got a little derailed on sample legality issues.

    Hi there. If you want to use audio from your XW-P1 as ringtones for your phone, you just need to record the P1 in or convert recordings to whatever format your phone uses for its ringtones. You can use a free program like Audacity to do this. If you want your XW-P1 to play audio files see page E-78 of the manual. http://support.casio.com/pdf/008/Web_XWP1-E-1B.pdf If you want to play back audio files using the P1's KEYBOARD (sample playing on keyboard) Not possible, but several other current Casios can do this.
  3. I'd just remove the keyboard and put a flat panel in there for a mixer and some small modules like the Volcas. Of course you don't get the compact size, but man would that be fun! :-)
  4. 76 key versions of the CT-X3000/5000?

    Casio is a big believer in economy of scale, so that AiX engine will probably be used all over the place: I can envision a PX-X, WK-X, LK-X and even an SA-X keyboard. Not sure if AiX will replace the AiR engine or if both will be needed in digital pianos, but that's my thinking FWIW.
  5. Casio Rant 2/16/18

    I'd write a song about those no good thieves. Maybe one for each -- they both deserve their own story. I'd keep an eye on your local Craigslist. Older Casios pop up there all the time. I scored a PT-50 for free - was a little beat up, but works 100%. Ebay too off course, but that can be a gamble. You should be able to score some good ones on the cheap (don't be afraid to haggle a bit!) As for finishing your project: Just keep plugging away. You don't need to structure it too much, but it does help to set a deadline to motivate yourself to keep making progress.
  6. Cables for Line out on px860

    Hi Russell and welcome to the Casio Forums. The jacks on the 860 are unbalanced and you can use either TS (unbalanced) or TRS (balanced) cables - whatever you got handy!
  7. The CT-X range!

    Different market forces & economic environment. I would guess it's just less costly to do business in the States so retailers can sell them cheaper here and still make the same profit.
  8. PCM tones for Chiptune music?

    Hey there and welcome to the forums. Chiptunes are very easy to do as the sounds are just raw synth tones with slight changes to the envelope and filters. So find the raw square, saw, triangle waves and tweak them to your liking. Then use the step sequencer and arpeggiator to animate the sounds. You will also find a ton of 8 bitish drum samples in there you'll be able to put to good use in your music. For inspiration, check out this video... All the music was made on the P1 (expect the credit music, that's an SA keyboard demo!)
  9. volume knob fails

    It doesn't sound like a hardware problem, so reflashing the firmware is worth a shot. And yes, backup all your stagesettings in an "ALL" file, then you can just reload all your Stg Sttgs all at once.
  10. The CT-X range!

    Not sure what the last part means about the languages, but if you go to Casio.com and select a region, it lists what's available. Likewise, if a region has it's own site, like CasioMusicGear.com for US/Canada or https://music.casio.co.uk/ for the UK, it will list what's available. Of course, you can always buy anything online and import, but you may have issues if you need to use the warranty.
  11. True we can only speculate, but I don't think it will take 10 years to get there. For instance, a full-loaded next gen PX-5S could be fully cobbled together using the best of the tech: The 3 pianos samples from the Grand Hybrid, the sound engine and MIDI controller features from the PX-5S, the step sequencer from the XWs, and the new AiX engine from the latest CT-X line. Heck you can even put a CZ engine in there -- they have the code from the iOS app. This is just an extreme example, but you see where I'm going: Very easy to make a big splash in a short amount of time if they are so compelled. The tech is there: it's putting it all together in a nice, cohesive instrument that is the magic, and that doesn't take 10 years.
  12. A point of criticism

    Some of the dance-oriented preset accompaniments on the XW series synths (P1, G1, PD-1) & MZ-X series are really good, modern tracks. That being said, EDM is easier to pull off than acoustic-sounding or live band styles of backing tracks. Here's my thing: I look at backing tracks as a jumping off point. I mute out whatever I don't like and go from there to make it mine. Sure a Tyros sounds great when you just put your hands on it with a major chord.. but it's playing you.. you ain't playing it! Sure it's fun and instant gratification, but it's not really "your music". So I use Casio's strengths: The drums and bass are usually really good so I build from there: That's what built DA-DA-DA and Sleng Teng!
  13. CTX series premier (NAMM 2018)

    Chuck is zeroing in on what I see happening. The PX-5S is no where near as popular their more consumer oriented boards. For every "pro" that wants all the bells and whistles and is willing to pay for them, there are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people who "just want a keyboard"... so the consumer market is very important. You'll also find the refresh cycle is longer on their high-end boards. Who knows? Perhaps Casio is going to knock it out of the park again with their next flagship stage piano and won't release something until it's perfect.
  14. Sorry - you must have misread that. 2.86 billion is their total revenue from all products (watches, calculators, cameras, projectors, etc.. Mostly watches LOL). The article states that musical instruments make up a "healthy share" of that 2.86 billion.
  15. Timely question! Casio's President addressed this in a recent interview: (FULL ARTICLE AT: https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Executive-Lounge/At-Casio-a-generational-split-opens-path-back-to-prominence) "But Kazuhiro takes a darker view of the company's development efforts, acknowledging that what he has to say may run counter to his father's point of view. "Casio is losing its founding spirit," the ability to dream up innovative products from nothing, the president argued. "Our own management systems are part of the problem." "As a company, we've become less appreciative of young engineers working freely and experimenting as they please," he said. Casio's electronic musical instruments business is emblematic of the problem. The business is hardly a minor one. Casio and rival Yamaha control more than 80% of the market for electronic keyboards, and instruments overall brought in a healthy share of the company's 321.2 billion yen ($2.86 billion) in sales for the year ended March 2017. But innovation there has withered. Several years ago, after years of the musical instruments business bleeding red ink, the head of keyboard development planning identified cost as the greatest strength of the department's upcoming offerings. Designers set about ensuring this was the case, making keyboards smaller, even at the expense of functionality, to cut down on pricey shipping materials. The focus on price-competitiveness "is not wrong in and of itself," Kazuhiro said. But, he explained, engineers would likely prefer to put their talents toward innovating and dreaming up new offerings than to simply cutting costs." You also get hints at their direction from the last 2 annual reports: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So sit tight - the future looks pretty bright to me!