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How do I turn off the onboard speakers?

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Hi Everyone, 

i think I posted in the wrong area. Anyway, can anyone tell me how to do this? I hate hearing that sound when I'm not used to it with my old Tyros. It does everything my Tyros does...easier, cleaner, weighted keys! (I'm a pianist first). I could never get the sustain pedal to even work on the Tyros so I'm in heaven! Midifiles are coming across great....it's just those speakers.


Ill send you any midifiles you want that I have!

cheers from Oz


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14 minutes ago, ArtinS said:

midi - local control - off


That turns off MIDI output to the internal sound module.  It does not control the speakers.  


Bramley Studio is correct.  Speaker control is under the system settings menu.  

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