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Organ rotary effect?

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Thanks Scott!  I know the new Roland LX-17 has a Leslie effect built into their organ and I was really hoping the Casio Grand Hybrid series had it too.


For me it comes down to finding a Casio Hybrid and the LX-17 to try.  Both pianos sound really good online and their features are very similar.  


The Kawai CA97 sounds a little to compressed for my tastes with its pianos.  With the MP10 that I "had"; its sampled sounds were to compressed in the recording process and I hear some of the same effects of this compression in the CA97.  I don't hear much, if any compression being applied to the GP-500's samples.


I hope to play both the GP-500 and LX-17 soon and will report back here my impressions.


Thanks again!

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