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PX-330 will not start all the way up

Bill Rebsamen

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I recently bought a used Casio Privia PX-330 to donate to our new church.
Suddenly, the unit powers on but the display says “Waiting…” and it never full powers up for performance. What could be the problem here and have any of you shipped a Privia to be serviced? 

I have no dealerships or authorized repair places in town.

If any of you could be of help we would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you for your time,
Bill Rebsamen

PX-330 problem.jpg

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Was it a cracking sound, like a small firecracker? This might be a capacitor exploding, these can sound like that, just a guess. Often if an instrument like this has been sitting unused-caps can dry out, and when re-energized, can explode like a small firecracker or similar. if you were capable of it, you could take this apart yourself and visually inspect inside. if a capacitor has exploded, it will be very obvious-if you are familiar with electrical components and know where to look. I know of no fuses inside most Casios, and even if a fuse blew, it would probably not make much noise. My question would now be-if it was a cap-why it did dry out-shouldn't have happened this soon in its production run-but the 330 has been around awhile so it is very possible, and now there may be other caps that are ready to fail. If you know a good technician, shouldn't be too expensive-if that's what the problem is. and it wouldn't hurt otohave him/her look over the entire 330.

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