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PX-150: Specific keys trigger weird noise coming from the left channel

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I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. My 3-4 year-old Privia PX-150 had been turned off (and unplugged from mains) for a few months. I turned it on and started playing today, but noticed something very weird: when I play D2, D2# or E2 and hold the key down, I hear a loud clicking noise coming from the left channel in addition to the proper sound of the key.


Here's a video showing the problem (note that C2 is fine, it's only specifically D2, D2# and E2):



Note also:


- It doesn't matter if I'm using headphones or the built-in speakers.

- The loudness of the noise seems proportional to the loudness of the sound produced by the key press.

- It's definitely electronic noise, not mechanical.

- The problem persists after disconnecting the pedals.


I'd be very thankful for suggestions on things to try before figuring out how to get this to a repair shop...



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Unfortunately that's correct.  Fortunately, the issue is usually isolated to the stereo piano tones only.  It may be possible to continue using the keyboard with those other tones normally.  It's also possible to use the keyboard as a USB MIDI controller with software sound sources like Pianoteq.  

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