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PX-110 Volume Control Not Working

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I recently bought this digital piano and everything was working great. But a couple of weeks ago, the volume control seemed to stop functioning. It’s probably important to note that I have several young kids that were playing it before this happened. So that makes me wonder if something got pressed that needs to be reset?


All of the keys still produce sound, but it’s VERY quiet whether playing through the speakers or headphones, and the volume control knob doesn’t make any difference whether it’s all the way up or all the way down. Just the same very quiet sound produced.


Before opening it up to see if something got disconnected (or broken?), I wanted to check here for potential insights. The manual doesn’t give instructions for doing a factory reset, so I’d like to start there if anyone can share how to do that on this specific model? Haven’t found anything that works elsewhere online.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Excellent information Brad! Thanks for that. The demo tune is quiet when I play it, so it appears that I need to open it up.

First spot I’ll check is the volume knob unless there’s something else more obvious or just as likely?


If the volume knob isn’t an obvious fix I’ll probably be back here looking for ideas!

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Well, I’m having a tough time just getting this thing opened up! Usually, I’m not looking for help this early into hand work. I return here humbly!


I’m attaching pictures with highlights for where I’ve got screws out thus far, if someone can help me make sense of what I might have missed here. I completely removed the “bottom plate”, but screwed it back on after seeing that compartment held the weighted mechanisms (I think) and didn’t help me access the top of the keyboard for the volume control knob (I think). Also, I haven’t removed the black “support bar” or the brackets that support it, because there’s a screw inaccessible behind where the bar meets the bracket. Anyway, don’t even know if this (or the bracket) needs to come off for the job.


The red circles are where I haven’t gotten the screws out. It seems like I have to actually pull apart the keyboard stand to gain access to the controls (??), which is the only reason I’m even looking at them. But these screw/bolts (that also hold IKEA together) are just stripping when I try to “unlock” them. So, if I actually don’t need to undo them to get the keyboard open... that’d be great!  

Any suggestions are very welcome and appreciated, as I don’t want to create more problems just trying to access my current problem! If I can take helpful pictures or clarify anything, please let me know!







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18 minutes ago, Brad Saucier said:

I think you are one of the first members here to repair one of those early model Privia's.  I'm not sure if information on the newer models will help.  I don't have any suggestions personally.  I have never opened up one.  

Thanks for letting me know. If that’s the case, the likelihood that I can fix this thing just dropped significantly. May just be time to donate to someone who’s got more experience/time than I do. Too bad, because I really liked this instrument while it worked!

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You know, since this model has MIDI ports, you can always connect it to an external sound source and use the piano as a MIDI controller for it.  More than likely it will function fine for that.  You could use a MIDI to USB cable and software like Pianoteq on a computer as one example.  The sound would come from the computer, not the keyboard.  You could use headphones or any good monitors connected to the computer.  

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