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(WU-BT10) Enabling Bluetooth Audio and MIDI with Windows 10

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I am trying to use the wu-bt10 

with a windows 10 pc

i am now Bluetooth Le compatible 

and the device is showing up on my windows 10 pc

however I appear to have some problems connecting the device

i have pressed function and pressing the top middle black key

in a few different ways 

Ie : Press both release, press and hold and no press


the device does show but will not connect


do I need a driver for wireless midi/audio


or am I missing something else


thanks in advanced 

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21 minutes ago, Brad Saucier said:

Are you trying to feed Bluetooth audio to the keyboard, or use the keyboard as a MIDI controller?  Have you been able to use the Bluetooth feature on your computer with other devices?  

Heya Brad

To answer your first question : midi is my main reason but would also like to use audio for loopers etc

to answer your second : yeah I have a wireless mouse and also have used a Bluetooth Xbox controller for gaming


To add to the confusion I have a pcie sound card that already uses up midi and audio but unsure if that conflicts with extra Bluetooth audio/midi



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No drivers are needed if your computer is working with Bluetooth devices already.  The rest of it should be down to configuration issues.  Did you hear a Bluetooth ON confirmation tone on the keyboard when you attempted to turn on Bluetooth?  It will be a higher pitch tone for ON and lower pitch for OFF.  The chart in the manual (page en-57) will show which key to press.  One key turns Bluetooth on and off, another is for pairing Bluetooth.

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  • Brad Saucier changed the title to (WU-BT10) Enabling Bluetooth Audio and MIDI with Windows 10

I am having the same issue. To clarify, my casio cts1 connects perfectly fine via the wu bt10 audio, but when I try to use the midi function, it always says "try connecting your device again" I have the latest version of windows 10 installed. 

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My Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth is down for repairs, so I can't check anything for a while (waiting on parts).  I was able to use it with that computer, for audio.  With the wireless adapter plugged into the keyboard, power it on.  If I recall correctly, I went into Windows Bluetooth settings and added a new Bluetooth device.  



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I have exactly the same problem. I have tried all the solutions proposed in the web, and no way !
I asked to Casio support that confirmed me the MIDI bluetooth is only for Android/iOS and moreover only for Chordana application.
They said some tablets with garageband (iOS) can use the MIDI bluetooth... not by definition but by chance !!!

It means the MIDI part of this device is not BLE MIDI compliant.

It is far too expensive for only an audio bluetooth thing... I will send back the product... and I will use wire connections (with no latency by the way).

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In fact the BLE Midi never uses the same api than USB MIDI.
So on, only compatible applications can use this type of MIDI connection: it means that the application has to establish the connection, not the OS.

Chordana can establish the connection (naturally)... but Android cannot (direct OS pairing is also impossible as for windows).
GarageBand success in connecting the device in some tablet hardware...


The only solution for a standard MIDI interface (which can appear in usual application) is to use a driver that can establish a connection with the BLE MIDI device and maps this one to a standard MIDI port: this is the role of Korg BLE MIDI driver for example, the usual (and the only one) driver for windows (which can recognize any BLE interface, not only Korg devices).


Because WU-BT10 does not present a correct BLE MIDI compliant interface (not recognized by Korg driver), there is no solution... except if Casio provides a firmware update for the device or a driver for Windows.

But if we consider that Casio never provides the full midi implementation of the CT-S serie, I don't believe we can expect something for this small product which is dedicated to their Chordana software.

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1 hour ago, Gary Rea said:

I want to use my Roland Aerophone Mini wind controller to play sounds on the CT-S500, via Bluetooth MIDI. Is this possible?




Theoretically, a software application capable of routing MIDI from one Bluetooth instrument to another may work.  I'm not aware of such an application.  The two instruments can't be connected directly to one another wirelessly.  A third device is always needed, called a host. 

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On 10/8/2021 at 9:41 AM, castorex said:

only compatible applications can use this type of MIDI connection: it means that the application has to establish the connection, not the OS.

If your application is not finding the bluetooth MIDI, try loading some other app that does see it. Once you establish the connection with that other app, the first app may then work. (This seemed to solve the similar problem I was having on an iPad.)

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