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need advice on PX repair


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I have PX560-M with a key that is stuck in the up position ... seems like it might be an easy fix, but I can't get the bottom off the keyboard.  I have taken all the screws out (a couple dozen of them) and have taken off the sides of the unit.  The bottom panel still won't budge coming off.  Any ideas what I need to do?  (I posted this in the PX560-M forum, but thought I post it here in case anyone else has an idea what to do).

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If you search here for my posts about opening the PX560-you will see exactly what to do. You need to remove screws in order to take the top control panel off, the key assembly is mounted to the underside of the plastic body. You cannot move or remove the key assembly simply by removing screws from the bottom. You will also need to open the 2 separate speaker compartment units and the center control panel, with screws on either side underneath the endcaps which release the speaker covers. I will try to find my posts about this here-was awhile ago.


OK-here's my detailed description, might help you.



The difficulty is that in order to reposition this raised key, you probably (as I recall) will have to lift the front of the key assembly as the key must be shifted to get back into position, I've had to do this with a PX and a CDP weighted action Casio. You might get lucky simply by pushing the key back in-but don't force it. Otherwise-in order to reposition a key, the top panels hold the key assembly partially in place, so simply removing screws underneath will not be enough to get at that key. And the most difficult screws to remove-to get the top panels and speakers off-are under the little black plastic covers under the keyboard-these are buried and are hard to reach-easy to lose inside the Casio if you drop one inside-I use "poster Putty" on my screwdrivers to stick the screwheads onto my screwdrivers so I can pull these out. If you lose one inside, it will be impossible to remove if it gets in the key mechanism. Even a magnetic screwdriver is tough to work with-because the metal fulcrums inside are magnetic-and will make it hard to work a magnetic screwdriver in there. I speak from experience...


And don't do this if the Casio is under warranty. There is plenty you can damage inside if you are not fairly adept and experienced at electronics and mechanical repairs.  I had to do this because I damaged (carelessly) the 3 control knobs but was able to repair this hard to get part. Now I have a spare 3 knob control board just in case my repair doesn't hold up, but it has so far.


If this post doesn't help-this is a complete disassembly to repair the control knobs-let me know, I think I have other pictures about this in other posts. The good thing about knowing a complete disassembly, if you can't get a Casio or other tech to repair your 560-you will have complete access to anything that might go wrong-connecting cables, circuit boards, controls, speakers and even the entire mainboard if you ever need to do that.


Parts availability is hit or miss, I don't think Casio sells parts directly to 'end-users", I haven't checked recently about this-but other online parts suppliers can have Casio repair and replacement parts if you need something as does eBay sometimes. Pacparts, Keyboard Kountry, Syntaur and others-just mentioning in case this key ends up being broken and needing replacement.


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