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Control px360 without the touchscreen?


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Hello. Is there any way to control the px-360 without the touch screen. Mine is cracked and does not detect anything. I mostly use it as a digital piano, so that's fine. But I was just wondering if there are any combination of keys to change sensibilty or tone, like what I had on my CGP100. Or maybe over the midi usb? Although I doubt it. Thanks in advance.

PS. Anyone knoe where I could get the digitizer? I have found the whole lcd assembly for almost $400, but I only need the digitizer.

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The User's Guide has a Tone List with the MIDI bank and program changes required to call up any of its sounds, which you would then be able to do over MIDI from any device that lets you send those commands (e.g. computer, iOS device, another keyboard). For more advanced functions you can also invoke with MIDI commands, download the separate MIDI Implementation chart. 

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If the OS of the PX360 is anything like the 560, i have been able to control at least a few aspects of the 560 with external controllers and software-basically panning, dynamics of respective and separate midi track/channels and insert levels for effects as part of the mixer settings. I have not tried anything beyond that.


Keep an eye on Pacparts, InMusic, Keyboard Kountry and a few other parts suppliers-plus ebay and reverb-sometimes used Casio parts will show up on these websites for less money than a new Casio factory part.


Do you know if the digitizer is a separate part? Or is it integral with the color screen? it might be-it would take major surgery to separate the 2-I've tried to install separate touchscreen digitizers from their LCD's on a few phones and tablets-some are glued in place and are very difficult to replace without a heat gun, razor knife and patience. I have not had to do that with the 560.

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