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Unable to play back WAV files on USB Flash

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I am driving myself crazy here so I appreciate your help in advance. I have a WAV file I want to play on my GP-310 so I can play along with it. Searching through posts for other Casio products I have made sure it is a 16-bit WAV file and the file name is formatted TAKE01.WAV. I have tried placing the file in both the CP and the MUSICDAT folders but nothing works.


When I insert the USB stick in the piano and click Concert Play, > it flashes "Mounting Media" for a while and then tells me "No file".


When I click on Settings and USB Flash, then LOAD it tells me "NO File".


I'm stuck. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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It looks like I am no longer locked out from replying. Unfortunately the forum ate my prior message so I'll try to recreate.




I was able to make the playback work, however the balance of the volume between the audio file from the USB stick and the piano itself is way off. The file is way too loud and the piano too soft. I tried adjusting the relative volume under SONG --> MIDI Volume and Audio volume, but even at MIDI set a 1 and Audio set at 127 it is still way off. Can you offer recommendations on how to fix this problem?



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