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Casiotone Ct-S400 vs. Ct-S500 - Sound Quality

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I'm not sure whether to buy Ct-S400 or Ct-S500.


I don't need any particular feature, I just want the best sound quality possible.


Is there any difference in sound quality (especially on piano and electric piano tones) between Ct-S400 and Ct-S500 ?

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Both use AiX sound source technology.  What justifies the extra price?  CT-S500 removes 160 built in songs and adds the following....


64 note polyphony (48 note for CT-S400)

200 additional preset tones (800 versus 600)

43 additional rhythm patterns (243 versus 200)

50 user rhythm memory (10 for CT-S400)

50 additional arpeggiator patterns (150 versus 100)

64 setup registrations (32 for CT-S400)


Tone editing

Effects editing 

Advanced MIDI controller mode 

MIDI sync 

MIDI clock

3 assignable control knobs

2 Line input terminals: L/MONO, R (Standard jack)

Pedal 2 / Expression pedal terminal


CT-S500 includes the WU-BT10 Bluetooth wireless adapter in the box.  The adapter is not included with the CT-S400, but can be purchased separately.  






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Hello together


I am interested in the Casio CT-S400: Primarily for myself to practice the piano during the vacations. And as a secondary use for an introduction to keyboard playing for my 9 year old, so he can find out if he wants to learn. That's where the CT-S400 seems to be the sweet spot for me.


For my use case (piano practice during the vacations), I'm primarily interested in the main piano sound ("the number 1"). And I'm not sure if the main piano sound of the CT-S400 sounds exactly the same as the CT-S1 or CT-S500/CT-S1000? Or do I as a piano player gain a better, fuller sound with CT-S1/CT-S500/CT-S1000 compared to CT-S400? Or is there really no difference in this one piano sound?


Thank you very much for your feedback.

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On 9/12/2023 at 10:05 AM, Tom_CH said:

Thanks @Brad Saucier for the information.


For me it was just not very clear, because some said that CT-S1/500/1000 had an addiditonal DSP, which the CT-S400 did not have. And therefore the (same) sounds just sound better/fuller/spacey, whereas the same sound on the CT-S400 sounds flatter/simpler.


DSP is just effects. Whether more or different or more control over effects makes a sound "better" is a matter of perspective and semantics, I guess. But I think Brad's Jan 3 message above addresses whether the "same" sounds would sound "better" on the 500, when he says, "Shared tones between both models include the same DSP effects.  The effects are preset as part of the tone on the CT-S400, meaning not editable.  The DSP effects are editable on the CT-S500. " IOW, they sound the same (not better), BUT since you can edit the DSP, you might be able too tweak them to make them sound better to your tastes.


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