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Help Formato AC7 or STL OR Sty

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I need to change the format of the styles that I made in my casio mzx500 to Roland gw8 or g70
Well, I managed to make some that took me a long time
and it was more practical for me to make them in my casio Mzx500 but I can't find a way to change the AC7 format to STL or Sty
try with style work and casio is not in your conversion formats
I don't have the casio keyboard with me anymore, because I took a trip
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Well there is only one way to change the rhythm from AC7 to STY. 


May be you know that or not. Record full AC7 with inbuilt MIDI Recorder and then convert it to STY using MID to SYT convertor software.


Let me know from the community if there is any other option.

I think @Mclandy can help you. He knows more about Casio rhythms.

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Just to be clear here, when we talk about Roland GW-8 "style" (.STL) files, I don't think that means they are the exact same format as Yamaha "Style" (.STY) files - they both just happen to refer to their keyboard accompaniments as "styles".  From what I can see, Roland does provide some software to help convert standard MIDI files into their particular style format, but I assume that involves some work to define and separate the various parts (variations) and channel tracks, do some key transposition, and set the characteristics of each track.  As Alex suggests, if you have access to a Casio keyboard (or know someone who does), you could record the Casio style into a standard MIDI file (either directly onto a USB drive, or to a computer MIDI program), but then you'd have to use Roland's software to do the rest.

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hello friends, if I say change format from casio AC7 to sty Yamaha it is because I use style work software to change to STL format
the Roland style software never worked for me on the Yamaha software page I find a wide variety of editing software for that brand, from converting styles from other much more advanced models with Mega voices sounds
to convert to Gm or XG sounds, there is also software that converts midi to sty
midi editors like Psr uty
and all its software are helpful for all models of Yamaha psr
unlike other brands that create special for a series, this one is for all,
but as many times I can't find good midis or there aren't any
Well, I have always preferred to do my Styles with my casio mzx500
I found it very easy to create styles
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