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(PX-130) Disabling direct note input from the device so I can send-back modified MIDI data from a DAW?


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I am trying to set up my keyboard to use as an all-in-one MIDI controller, which sends data to a DAW for use in VSTs, or sends it back directly to the keyboard so I can use the on-board sound engine with modified MIDI data (the goal being things like limiting the useable range of the keyboard for the sound engine's samples, or adding note harmony). I've figured out how to send it back, but the problem is I get this 'redundancy'. Rather than sending to the DAW then returning, it sends in parallel to the sound engine and to the DAW-and-back. Is there a way to disable the direct input so it only runs to the DAW?


I thought 'local control' would do this, but that's just the same as muting the volume knob as far as I can tell.

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