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2000's Casio Rhythms Collection


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Recently, I borrowed a friend's CTK-5000 to copy some of its built in rhythms . This might be useful for anyone looking for additional rhythm collections for their CT-X 


About the Rhythms

The CTK-5000, CTK-4000, and LK-270, all released in 2008/2009, are the last batch of Casio keyboards that carried rhythms from the past models like the WK-3800, CTK-900, and the earlier LK-series like LK-94TV 


Some of these rhythms are unique and cannot be found on newer CTK models. Some others are the oldest surviving rhythms from the 1990's CTK601 and CTK611 models with revamped sounds


How I Do It?

The CTK-5000, like many CTK and CDP models with AHL Sound Source,  includes a built in rhythm editor. I copied the rhythms by running each one in the editor and saved them into the 10 User Rhythm slots. Once the ten slots has been used, I copied them into SD card as .AC7 rhythm files  I repeat the same process until I collected all the necessary rhythms for this collection


Edits & Tweaks

Normally, I don't do much edits on this rhythm collection. But for the majority of the rhythms, I changed the drum sets into Standard Set 1, Standard Set 2, and Rock Set to make full use of CT-X's stereo sampled drums, and to make them sound different from the original


I also modified the tones into GM Tones to ensure compatibility across all models.  


Further Notes

I didn't copy all of the CTK-5000's preset rhythms; I skipped most rhythms in the WORLD, LATIN and PIANO RHYTHMS category as most of them appear identical in the CT-X presets. All the other categories are included from POP, ROCK, 8 BEAT/16BEAT, JAZZ, and EUROPEAN



CTK-5000 collection.zip

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