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Vintage Casio keyboards VHS jam!


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sounds pretty amazing, but then he does have a huge array of Casios in front of him. I'm wondering how he's doing the arpeggios and loops. I wasn't aware of smaller Casios that can create arpeggiated patterns like this, sounds very good. also demonstrates-one doesn't need to have hardware sync to get some interesting sync'ed patterns working. I wouldn't think any of these older small Casios have midi sync, or even midi except for modded SK's, MT's

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It appears that he's using some effects and that can make a big difference to the sounds. As for the arpeggios, at first listen they sound like they originated from an MT-65/ 68 (there's one in the video) but it did sound a little different. I read through the comments and found out that he has modified his MT65, and he linked to where he got the modifications from (see link below). I'm guessing that using his modified MT65 and some effects (delay and/ or reverb) is what generated that arpeggio sound. 



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