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MIDI recording using Chordana

Luca di Cerneglons

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just bought a PX-S1100 and would like to record something using Chordana.

I connected the keyboard to my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e) and everything works fine (when I play I see keyboard keys moving in chordana app)


Following the online guide (chpt: Recording Performances) it seems that I can record what I'm playing and then save/share it.




but I don't understand how to start recording session!

I try to press the 'record' button on the keyboard but nothing happens in Chordana app.

I don't know how to open and configure the 'Recording Settings' (the first image in the link above)

Has anyone already used this feature?


Thank you in advance


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Welcome to the forums Luca and congratulations on your new PX-S1100! 


Press the red round record button on the app screen, not the one on the piano itself.  This type of recording takes place entirely on the phone.  The instructions you're looking at applies to the app only.  


The MIDI recorder built into the piano is a different recorder.  The instructions for that are in the PX-S1100 user manual rather than the app manual.  


Note that Chordana is a legacy app no longer being updated.  You'll want to replace it with Casio Music Space app.  It still features the recorder like the previous app.  The same instructions will apply.  



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