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I found this really great tone in my WK-200: Velocity Sine Lead

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I've derived innumerable days and weeks of gratification from the various pianos, electric pianos, and clavinets that are on this WK-200. Yet, I've begun a journey to discover numerous other sources of inspiration from this remarkable instrument. This go around I want to share that I found it in this particular preset. The Velocity Sine Lead is highly expressive and is thus an excellent choice for solos. When holding down the keys it has the unique attribute of vibrato. This somewhat makes up for the fact that the 200 lacks a pitch bend wheel. This will really encourage me to take solos. I trust that this will also help someone else out. Enjoy



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I don't have this particular Casio, but I find the simplest sine leads in several Casio instruments to be an excellent lead tone. Sometimes the simplest tones can fit in a composition much more pleasingly than some of the more complex synth tones. I think this may partially be why some of the earliest seemingly less advanced Casios are so popular since the tones in these "lesser" Casios rely more on the sine, pulse and sawtooth waves. or other approximate waveforms. The first Minimoog used these simplest of waveforms to create some of the most popular "signature" sounds heard on so many recordings. and the sine wave IMO can come closer to sounding like a human voice in a synthetic but pleasing way. Glad you share my love of beautiful tones from the Casios.

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