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echo problem in casio ap 470 B 1/2/3/4 notes

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I solved the problem. I increased the hertz value of the piano via the music space application and set it to 460. There is no echo anymore and I hear a brighter sound. This setting may be annoying for professionals, but I liked it. If anyone has the same problem, they can obtain a clear and echo-free sound after entering the recording command defined with the function key and the 2nd last key to remember the settings after the tuning adjustment.

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Sorry to bother the forum again. I stated that I solved the echo problem by increasing the hertz value in the tuning settings. The 460 Hz value caused the piano to produce a clear but very high-pitched sound. Although I was happy that my echo problem was resolved at first, the sound I heard later disturbed me. Then I set the hertz value to a value lower than the standard value of 440 hertz, the echo disappeared again and I started to hear a more saturated sound. My teacher also liked my new setting. As a result, if anyone has an echo problem, they can solve this problem by changing the hertz value.
* Please forgive the spelling mistakes as I wrote it with a translate program.

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