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Casio PX-120 - What's correct Potentiometer impedance?

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Hi all,

I've got an old and beloved PX-120 which is working good except for potentiometer which started making noise and then stopped working, no matter cleaning it or refreshing solders.
I've managed to  short both channels which results on 100% volume.
now i want to replace original potentiometer with another one but I couldn't find nominal impedance value so i'm wondering if anyone can help me sorting this out.
any advice is appreciated
thank you!

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hi, in the meantime i saw a service manual of a similar keyboard showing a 5kOhm potentiometer and ordered a very cheap kit (5 for 2€ shipping included) and surprisingly it worked.

i had to manually solder wires but not big issue.

just missing the cap as the shape is different from original one.

i just saw this potentiometer from Mouser and seems very similar to original one but i eventually removed original potentiometer sub-board and just installed new one directly on the hole.


i can confirm 5k is definitely the correct value for PX-120

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