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WK-7600 sliders as mixer controls for live looping

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Hello, new member here. Proud owner of the WK-7600. Is it possible to use the sliders during either playback of a custom accompaniment or recorded song on the different channels to mute parts during play? I'd like to use it almost like using a boss looper i have seen in videos and mute certain parts like bass and rhythm while playing along then push those sliders back as to add the bass and rhythm back in. if that makes sense. Kinda like a trance song mutes the percussion then at a certain point it punches that back in. I know i cant live loop on this but i could create a custom accomp. and during live play mute parts of the accomp.

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Press the mixer button.  This model has a 32 part sound engine (2 groups of 16 parts labeled A and B groups), all adjustable from the sliders.  You can select which parts are currently controlled by sliders using the buttons left of the sliders, written below with what those buttons will toggle.  Accompaniment parts are 9-16 group A.  

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