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Mixer settings don't Stick with mid song files converted to cms

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When I convert mid files with Ginkiter's converter to cms, I load them into the song memory. When in Sequencer mode, I enter Mixer mode, set up tones for each instrument and do a Panel Record. I re-save the song on the SD Card and have even reloaded the song. When I play it and enter Mixer mode the tone settings have reverted back to original settings. The tracks are in the "B" section of the mixer.


Do the tracks have to be moved from "B" to "A". Does anybody have any ideas about this.

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I had a long post about this which I've deleted since it over-complicated what I think you need to know.


As long as you are saving or editing anything in the CTK/WK series-within the CTK-it will retain your tones whether for an auto-arranger file or a song file. The A and B mixer settings are distinctly separate so that you can have an entirely different set of tones recorded and saved for your CMS arranger rhythms, and then record 16 more tracks with the song recorder, which can now use entirely different tones independent of the auto-arranger tones. Saving the auto-arranger tones to the song recorder B tracks will not solve the problem, because once you now start using .mid midi files-this introduces another problem, and i don't think the CMS converter solves it.


Midi files have both program change and bank change messages embedded in their "header" which may or may not match the tones you want in your arranger files, because these by default-if it is a standard midi file (SMF) will default to program and bank change messages using the general midi (GM) set of tones. The CMS converter as far as I see, does the same thing-it will always use the GM tones which will play correctly in the Casio, assuming the software programmer designed it this way which I'm pretty sure he did. Here's the problem. The Casio CTK will save exactly what you want it to save in its header, if you save your work as it says in the manual-but once you save this as a CMS arranger file, it is re-setting the midi tones to the GM soundset, not the tones you set originally, unless you used only the GM sounds with their corresponding bank change messages. I think this is what the problem is. If one could save bank change messages from within the CMS converter, that would solve the problem but apparently it defaults to the GM sounds-which makes sense as an older program as this was and is the only "standard" for making sure a converted file will sound right if used as an arranger or song file.

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In order for the settings for changing programs and any other settings of the controllers are stored in the song, they must be edited not in the mixer, but in the event editor in Song Sequesor. And the change of programs can be done anywhere in the song, and not just at the beginning of the song. After the final settings of the song, it is better to keep it in Midi this midi will sound on the synthesizer exactly as you set up.

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Hey Casio_Style,

 Great info. That Event Editor does the trick. The only thing i haven't been able to figure out is how to turn the Pitch bend feature back on with notes that I used the Wheel on. The pitch bend info is there, but the notes have no bend.

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