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Wk7600 Sequencer will not update Song filename

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When I load a song, ie  T_ABCD.cms and make some changes, I'll save it to a slightly different filename like X_ABCD.cms.

I will then Clear the song T_ABCD.cms from sequencer memory. I will then Load song X_ABCD.cms into Sequencer memory.  Instead of "X_ABCD.cms" being displayed in Sequencer list, the original filename,  "T_ABCD.cms" is displayed. Am I missing something?

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Along these same lines, I just finished recording tracks on a song in the User Song 1 position. I renamed it of course, but when I try to load the new name of the song into any User song position, It still displays as User Song 1. 

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I renamed it to the first choice that I named the song, exit power down. When reloaded it still displayed User Song 1. It wasn't until I changed the name slightly and re-powered. Now it works.

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