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Any more firmware updates coming?

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I'm moderately excited that I got a new in box S1000v for $300, but reading the forums, some of the limitations I'm seeing are just wild.  Like... STILL having registrations you can't name is bewildering. What are they even for?  I see with the 2 year old firmware update that you can kinda get around it in set list maker, but honestly, if this board even makes my live setup (currently a px-5s and a controller with Mainstage), I'm not interested in having to pair it with an iPad just to know what the hell registration 2-7 does. 


The oversight on fast/slow Leslie controls not being built into the organs is another weird one, as is the lack of an external editor for a board with a tiny screen. I mean, I've just spent a day or two, with it, and I'm sure I'll enjoy having a nice compact board with decent speakers and, honestly, a much better physical keybed than my MZ-X500, but...


By the way, while i like the MZ to some extent, it's another one I wonder if I should have bought, given how much of it is aimed it's at the non-US one man band market, aka not me. 


You can pry my PX-5s from my cold dead fingers though.

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On 4/2/2024 at 3:56 PM, d. gauss said:

Sorry, welcome to the world of Casio "coulda, shoulda, but didn't" pain.  Soooo frustrating. It's like they make it all the way 'round third base, but never make it to the plate for the homerun.


Man, you said it.  Although, after a week, I will definitely say that I REALLY like the physical keybed in this thing. It's the first one firm enough to make me say a keyboard doesn't NEED to be fully weighted for me to feel comfortable playing piano and EP sounds.


Still, I'm annoyed that I'm going to have to RTFM in order to get it set up to have what I need at the touch of a few buttons. 

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