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PX-360 Midi recorder looping/duplicating

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My 560 can do this and the 360 is identical with following functions.


Looping is possible in a rudimentary way but only with an entire multitrack recording-or a single track by itself. I've done this many times to get a quick accompaniment going-I simply set points A and B in the song recorder-turn on A-B repeat function and the track or tracks will loop. Unfortunately you cannot loop individual tracks independently as can some workstations and DAW's. You can record additional tracks while your other tracks are looping, but you will only be able to record a new track the length of the A-B looping points at least that's what I remember without being in front of my 560.  I think the 360 is similar.


There is another workaround for looping-not the most flexible but might be interesting to you.


The 360 has an audio recorder-you can create your loop with the song recorder as midi tracks first-say a simple bassline, drum kit, maybe another backing track-and record all that in the audio recorder. I don't think the audio recorder has a loop function so you would have to record your midi A-B loop arrangement as many times as you need to first. Then you can play and record in the midi recorder again, using the audio track as a background accompaniment, and record additional midi tracks in the midi/song recorder while the audio recorder is playing. Sounds complicated but it works, both the audio and midi (song) recorder will play back together.


If you want to go even deeper-you could have a loop you recorded with the midi recorder playing while a different loop you recorded in the audio recorder is playing-and then play something else live from the keys. I might be wrong-haven't done this in awhile-not sure if both recorders will play back in sync-but my experience has been that the tempo clocks in these newer Casios are so accurate, even without midi clock sync-i have been able to manually sync separate midi devices simply using accurate tempo settings. I have posts here already about how that worked-so the 360's 2 recorders might also sync together like this. Sorry I went a little overboard answering your question.....😛



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Thanks a lot Jokeyman for your reply,  it seems that the only solution for a complete midi recorded job, could be the multi-tracks parallel A-B loops, and by the other hand, using different song positions as cumulated parts of the overall job 👍 😄

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