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PX-330 MIDI expression SP-32 volume jump in Logic Pro X

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I'm trying to figure out a problem with MIDI expression pedal messaging (CASIO SP-32 three pedals) with CASIO PX-330 into my Macbook. The problem is that when the pedal is pressed, the volume jumps (too sharp a step) from 0% to 100% even with minimal pedal pressure. If you set the track to 50% volume (dynamics of playing strings) and press the pedal, the increase goes smoothly up to 100%, but when you release the pedal it goes back to 0... and then 0-100% when you press again.


Connection sequence:
1. I connect the PX-330 with 3 CASIO SP-32 expression pedals with a USB cable to my computer.
2. I turn on Logic X, add a pedal signal converter VST (step 3) and a orchestra VST (BBC Symphony Orchestra free) to a new track.
3. In the converter I select the incoming signal of one of the 3 pedals, for example, 66 Sostenuto and convert it to CC11 Expression. See screen:




Tried different values of Scale and Add scales - makes little difference.


4. I try to play some melody with the pedal and hear the volume jumping jerkily 😪


For some reason I also can't use Learn mode on this or that control in an orchestral or other VST plugin - it just doesn't learn 🤔 ... so I have to convert the signal with modifier.



Possible solutions:


1) In a neighboring forum thread about the same problem on the PX-560, users eventually write that updating the firmware solved this issue:


But I don't see where to download the update for the PX-330 and whether it solves my problem. And many people write that the update can damage the device board (Please Wait mode) and I'm afraid to get a brick instead of a device.


2) Another one of the solutions I found in the vastness of internet forums is to buy an Ashby Solutions FC7 adapter:



First, as I understand it, the FC7 adapter uses a 6.3 jack, but my SP-32 triple pedal uses its own plug to connect. So, you have to use an additional pedal via the 6.3 jack.
Second, the Ashby Solutions FC7 adapter is no longer in production (or made in pieces on request), as the manufacturer itself notified back in 2021:



What can be done here to solve this problem?

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To be clear, PX-330 does not support expression pedals. It supports standard switch type pedals (sustain or soft/sostenuto) or the Casio SP-33 triple pedal unit.  PX-330 does not have any firmware updates.  PX-560 firmware update is only compatible with the PX-560.  

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Posted (edited)
13 minutes ago, Brad Saucier said:

PX-330 does not support expression pedals directly.  It supports standard switch type pedals or the Casio triple pedal unit.  


As I described in the post, I'm using the SP-32 (33?) triple pedal unit.


13 minutes ago, Brad Saucier said:

PX-330 does not have any firmware updates. 


How do I get the values to change smoothly for the sustaining (in my case it becomes CC11)?

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To be clear, CC11 Expression is a specific MIDI controller message, and it is not supported by the SP-32 pedal unit.  


SP-32 supports damper, soft, and sostenuto functions.  Half damper operation is supported.  PX-330 interprets SP-32 damper pedal operation in 3 levels of resolution (on, off, halfway).  PX-330 does not interpret the SP-32 pedal unit as a continuous controller, which is what is required for smooth CC11 Expression operation.  


You will need a standalone USB MIDI expression pedal solution or another USB MIDI keyboard with expression pedal support.  PX-560 was designed to support expression pedals.  

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