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How to modify MIDI files for lessons functions on a LK-S450 ? (keylight, right and left hand, ...)

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Good morning,


I transferred a MIDI file from a USB stick to the LK-S450's "user song".

The sound works (I can listen to the song), but the keys do not light up and the other functions of "LESSON" do not seem to work anymore.


I understand that the channels to illuminate the keys are by default set to channels 3 and 4.

How do I transfer tracks from the MIDI file to channels 3 and 4?


Can someone tell me what is the procedure to follow?



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I found a process to transfert a song "user song" to a multitrack record  (in the french manual, it is page FR-131).


The procedure is :

1/ select the song you want to copy into multitrack

2/ click on "MTR COPY"

3/ click on "Yes" (for the question "Are you sure ?")

==> The data are transfered and screen say "Complete

4/ click on "Ok"


It seems very simple, but i do not see any button with "MTR COPY".


Is somebody know where to find this button ?


Thanks for your help




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To clarify, those instructions are for copying a Tone or Rhythm recording to a Multi Track recording.  Those are user recorded songs.  It's not possible to load MIDI files into recorded song memory.  


"User songs" refers to memory specifically for MIDI files.  You will want to follow the instructions for increasing the selection of songs, and specifying a channel for a SMF part.  You'll see a channel button which allows specifying any of the 16 possible tracks in a 16 as left and right parts.  Note that a MIDI file must contain separate left and right tracks in order to support functional left and right part selection.  





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