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SD CArd format

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Hello Dear Community

my son is a new WK 7600 owner. 

Great instrument for creativity. However, one of the main function (for what we have chosen this model) is not working for us: audio recording into an SD card.

Not able to read any SD HC card.

I have red some comments in this topic (I don t know if in this forum or not) highlighting the right SD card format / model to be used. 


I have purchased and tried several models, finally a brand new SanDisk Ultra 32 GB  MS DOS FAT extension - but the error message is the same: "ERROR FORMAT PRESS EXIT"


Is there anyone who could solve this problem, please? Can you indicate an exact SD Card model that surely works and still is on the market so I can buy that one? 

Should we format the card before use (I did anyway however some 3 MB system file always remains on the card) if yes, how exactly (under MAC).


thanks a lot

have a nice day


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Hi Sandor.  Welcome to the forums. Have you tried formatting the card using the keyboard instead of a computer? 


1. Press the CARD button

2. Hold down FUNCTION and press MENU

3. Confirm "CardFormat" is selected on the display and press ENTER 

4. Select the number of audio files you want to reserve space for on the SD card.  Max limit is 20 files for 4GB to 32GB cards.  Use the dial or + - buttons.

5. Press YES to start formatting


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Hi Brad

thanks for you reply. 

No, I didn't, as inserting the SD HC card, in card mode, the FORMAT error message pops up. So did not go forward

I ll try it Tuesday once I ll go home, and will reply to you if problem resolved.



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