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Help! convert CMS format to editable format (WK-6500)

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I no longer have any Casios that load and play CMS files-but from what I just tried-there is a simple opening screen that simply says "select midi file"-all you do is click the tab-it opens part of your windows explorer file/folder in order for you to navigate to where your midi file is-you click on that-it opens another window prompting you to name that file before it converts it, then you click "save" in the lower right corner of the screen and that's it-it automatically saves it in the foider where the CMS Converter is. I can load some screenshots if you want to see. It is such an old type interface, it does not prompt you once the file is saved, it just saves it and returns you to the original small window, in order to convert another .mid file. I'm not sure because I can't test it with a keyboard anymore, but it may need a type "0" midi file rather than a type "1". I tried both types and it looks like it converted and saved both types.

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