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  1. "Just sounds like a real Casio"

    Casio has had some big name musicians doing demos but mainly at NAMM. Larry Dunn of Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder played a Celviano Grand Hybrid at this year's winter NAMM (I think), and the late Joe Sample introduced the PX5S at the 2013 NAMM. Casio really hasn't promoted the MZ-X series or the PX-560 that heavily. The PX5S received a lot more attention when it launched as did the XW P1.
  2. Any PX-5s successor yet in 2018?

    It appears the PX5S price has dropped. I am seeing it advertised at $799. This could be a sign that something else is on the horizon. Whatever happens it seems likely whatever replaces it will cost more. I was surprised to see how many of the old Casio tones were retained on the PX5S. I would not want to pay more for a retread.
  3. PX-5S, noisy keys

    All weighted digital keyboards make noise. The action is made of hard plastic except for the hammers that are metal. Acoustic pianos have noisy actions. You tend not to hear it because of the loud volume of the strings when the hammers hit them. I would tend to agree that Casio is among the noisier keybeds, however they have a very good action and their boards are reasonably priced. If you want a quieter keybed you have to pay more for it. That's something you have to decide for yourself if the cost is worth it to you. Does Casio know this? Yes they do. But they make great products at unbeatable value. I 've owned three Casio keyboards including now a PX5S and love them all.
  4. rtm uhm....cant auto harmonize

    I don't own a PX560 but I think I might be able to help a little. You should be able to edit the rhythm parts in the accompaniment. On Casio products that is normally done in the mixer. You should be able to turn the channel with the droney strings or pad to zero so it doesn't sound. There should also be a way to substitute other instruments in the accompaniment. I have a CTK 7000 which your PX560 is loosely based off of and I can use the drawbars for the organ that double as faders to substitute other instruments in mixer mode.This is how to edit a preset rhythm. Please look at you manual to see how this works on your 560
  5. Maximillion Stage Setting

    Where Can I download this stage setting?
  6. Tempo Control

    Thanks for the response.
  7. Tempo Control

    I'm assuming the file has to be loaded into the piano in order for the tempo control to work. Can drum loop .wav files be downloaded into the PX5S or soes it have to be a phrase or song sequence?
  8. Tempo Control

    Is there any way to control the tempo when playing a.wav file from a thumbdrive on the PX5S? It appears the answer is no but just thought I would ask.
  9. WK-3000 "Blue Screen of Death"...!

    If you end up needing parts to fix your WK 3000 there is a website casiokeyboardjunkyard.com. They have parts for older Casio keyboards.
  10. Sustain pedal not working

    Take the pedal into a store and try it on another Casio product. If it works then your pedal is compatible. If it does not, your pedal might not be compatible with Casio. Not all pedals work on all keyboards.
  11. Plugging my guitar in?

    According to a post I read from Mike Martin FX are not possible on the line input. It is a misprint in the manual. The post I saw this is under Forum Rules FX and Line Input.
  12. Casio WK-3500

    My apologies to you Ted for my misunderstanding.
  13. 1st octive below middle C off key

    Not sure what model Casio you have, but the Privias have a fine tuning adjustment. You will need to consult your owners manual or google to find out where it is. My guess would be under System Settings.
  14. Casio WK-3500

    I'd be surprised if Casio's 32 bit drivers work with a 64 bit OS. These drivers did not work well on the 32 bit OS they were designed for according to what I've read elsewhere. My PX-575 did not have Midi in/Out, only USB midi. I never got satisfactory results until I bought an audio interface using an ASIO driver to lower the latency to eliminate the popping and clicking I constantly got. The new Casios seem to work fine as they are class compliant with Mac and PC as well as IOS.
  15. I gots me one!

    I would think the MZX boards are using the same keybed as XW/WK series boards. Would not surprise me if they are the same as their home keyboards. Casio uses the same keybed on all their Privia pianos and a variant on the CDP 130. The CDP 130 action is either the same or similar to the older PX-30 series Privias.