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Searching for Information on Casio PRO-300

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Hello to everyone on the Casio Music Forum! 


I'm here looking for information on an old keyboard which I believe to be from the 1990s. It originally belonged to my grandmother, and now I use it in some of my music production because I like some of the sort of 90s sounds on it.


Printed on the front is a list of 100 drum rhythms, as well as 100 sound presets. It says CASIO: PRO-300 in the center, and has a LCD screen that is 4.5 cm x 2 cm which displays numbers that correspond to whatever preset one might have selected. It incorporates the use of Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) sound as well as touch response, and adaptable, built in Reverb and Delay effects. I have attached a photograph of the keyboard to this thread. 


The things I'd like to know about this keyboard are:

  • How much did it originally cost?
  • What type of synthesis is used (or are they samples)?
  • When did they first begin being produced?
  • How long did they stay on the market?
  • What is it worth now?


Thanks in advance, I look forward to seeing what you all can provide!



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That's not a Casio model that I've ever heard of before. A search on the internet comes up with very little, just replacement power supplies. This site suggests that it was made in 1992:




It looks as if it might be related to the early 90's  CTK range being similar in looks and using "Touch Response" to describe the velocity sensitive keyboard (see below for the CTK1000).


As to value, I doubt if it's worth much. It's not a sought after model, and likely being more digital, it's not easy to circuit bend hence not appealing to circuit benders. If it has good sounds and works for you, keep it!


Here's a picture of a CTK1000:




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And some discussion about the synthesis method used by the CTK1000 (and possibly the PRO-300):



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Great discovery! By case and even panel word lengths the "PRO-300" seems to be identical with the CT-770 (likely an US or Japenese release). The display is LED, not LCD. On Youtube I saw a demo of CT-770 (has various sustain, reverb and echo effects. Jazz organ sounds nice, rest is sample based).

On Youtube I also saw a detailed video of a "PRO-100", which seems to be a rare CT-647 version with changed button colours. CT-647 was the only Casio with a strange letter button selection scheme called "Expert Logic". It has a chord training feature that resembles an Omnichord (i.e. only "harmonious" notes those fit to the sounding single finger chord can be played in melody section). But the sound is sample based and nothing overly great. (I own one and prefer the classic synthesized "PCM" engine known from SA-series.)

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The Casio Pro 300 was sold in 1992 at MSRP $699.99
AD5 Power Adapter
Sustain pedal input
61 full sized keys
100 instrument sounds from 12 bit PCM
Casio fingered chord with auto harmonize function
Digital effects processor/ 8 presets and 2 user programs 
Bass refex audio system
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