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Casio CT-X 700 sound more rich than ctx-5000

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Hey everyone, 

I've noticed an interesting observation. I've owned both the CT-X700 and CT-X5000 and for some reason, I've felt that the sound coming out of the ctx 700 is more rich and sharper than the sound produced from the ctx-5000 keyboard. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this.

Is there any explanation for this? This seemed contradictory to me as the ctx 700 is on the lower end of the CT-X series.

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Creo que es porque el CTX5000 no tiene tweeters incorporados, solo tiene woofers duales que amplifican los medios y los agudos. A veces he pensado en abrir mi teclado y ponerle 2 tweeters piezoeléctricos agudos para mejorar la calidad de reproducción.PiezoElements.jpg

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