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CT-X Data Manager doesn't launch

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Hello Casio forums. If this has been asked before please delete.


I have a laptop running Windows 10 Home (32-bit version). It has all the latest updates and it's virus free. Every time I try to launch Data Manager for CT-X, I can see the cursor wait animation for a few moments and then nothing. The program's window does not appear on my display. However in Task Manager I can see "DataManagerCTX.exe" program listed as running. Further right-clicking into the process shows that the program thread is "deadlocked" and asks me if I want to wait or end the process. According to Casio's operating system's compatibility page, Data Manager for CT-X is shown as being compatible with both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 10. I tried running the program with compatibility mode settings and this didn't do anything. Before I write down this program as incompatible with my hardware, I was wondering if any of you might have any suggestions (other than using a different computer of course). Thank you for your time.

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It so happens that you start the data dispatcher, but its window is not visible on the screen.
I just disconnect the synthesizer's midi cable from the computer and usually the program window appears, after that I reconnect the midi cable to the computer.

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Thank you casio_style. I tried again today, and looking at your answer it occurred me to try a different USB port. Not sure why but that fixed it. It's not convenient for my personal case (i.e. doing the USB musical chairs dance, have to get a longer USB cable) but it works. The port I had initially connected my CT-X700 works fine (i.e. Windows recognizes the Casio as a MIDI device) but for whatever reason Data Manager wouldn't play ball. I was so focused on the software side it didn't occur to me to try a different port.


Thank you guys for all your help.

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