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Clipping noise on few keys...


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As i saw somewhere, the key is made of plastic as well as the hammer that holds the key (press)...

Any rubber to stick on those key-T hammers or some grease solution bind those 2 plastic surfaces ?


Any tricks to fix by clipping back the noisy key ?

Please feel free to post any useful infos in helping me with it


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If I understand you correctly-you are trying to quiet a noisy key or keys on a CTX-not a CTS, CDP or Privia with hammer action or other Casio correct? If so, there are no "hammers" on the CTX series, nor on the WK, CTK, XW or MZ-X Casios. Instead, there is only a flexible part of the end of the key that is fastened to the frame-the part you can't see which is directly underneath the top cover on all these Casios. These key ends are secured by screws fastened through the top of the back of the key which are mounted into the keyframe where the back of the key sits. I would suggest you find pictures of "spare keys for Casios"-look up Casio keyboard parts-there are several companies that sell spare parts for Casios, specifically the ones I've mentioned-so that you can see how these keys are manufactured-usually are connected together in a group. I describe this design because it is possible a screw or screws fastening the keys have come loose up underneath the case in front-and this can cause a key to act strangely, or make noise. I can't tell without hearing what you are hearing-if you can post a video/audio.


if you are asking about a hammer-action Casio, the mechanical design is quite different, and will require a different method to quiet the key or keys. Look at some of my other posts which demonstrate how I quieted the keys on my XW-P1, and also on a PX-350. Some of the the mods are similar in which i added additional felt strips for quieting the key contact points-where the keys hit when pushed down and then released-there are separate felt strips or cushions for each action, but you need to understand how the mechanisms work in order to modify these yourself--and if it is under warranty, have it serviced by Casio-any work you do will void your warranty, and you could make things worse if you don't know exactly how to do these mods properly.

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