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PX 330 - Low volume that drops to almost nothing after a few minutes


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I have a Privia PX-330 that starts out with what I'll call "medium volume" with volume turned up all the way.  The same is true for the other jacks (line out, headphone).  After a few minutes of being on the volume drops to almost nothing (you can hear it if the room is quiet).  Any idea of what is causing this, and if it's repairable?

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From a distance, this is a shot in the dark. It could be-a bad volume control-I have had that happen, was never sure why since a volume control is a pot, I wouldn't think so. The other culprit-could be  capacitor that is leaking-somewhere in the amplifier section of the Casio-this would result in initially having sufficient volume-but if the cap is leaking or defective, even a cold solder joint-the sound would fade as the cap is becoming a resistor-and partially shorting your audio signal.


Repairable-tough question. Casio repair would be the best I think, as not many techs are willing to repair at the "component" level anymore, and would just plug a new board into the suspected defective board to see if that fixes the problem. If there is no warranty-and you are adept at electronics repair-you might take a chance, take a look inside and see if you see anything obviously wrong-a disconnected or lose ribbon connector, a bad cap can show up as swollen or with residue around it.


Another technician tool-smell and touch. if a component seems unusually warm or cold-voltage regulator chips have heat sinks that should be warm, not usually completely cold, or you smell a burnt smell in a particular area, there might be your culprit. Resistors smell pretty bad when the fry themselves.


Don't do any of this unless you are knowledgeable and confident you won't make things worse. The 330 is a nice board, almost identical to the PX350, in some ways more interesting-I think you can edit sounds on it? I would get Casio repair to look at it. Look up their headquarters in Dover, Nj and start there. I've had them do 2 repairs-in one situation, they could not replace a defective board-and swapped me for a new keyboard, but I did have to pay a partial fee for their troubleshooting and diagnosis, it was a fair deal, and was out of warranty.

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It turns out that the piano began working perfectly after I took it to a local electronics repair person.  It was unplugged from power for several days before he tried it, and when he did there were no problems.  He left it powered on overnight and it still worked perfectly.  As far as I can tell, it's back to normal.

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