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Pbm with tone, then Tune...

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My keyboard was set on U1, U2 and L1 (Split)

As i was on the split's Tone, i was going to modify the "Volume, thinking'it was under the Tune sub-option, then i was on MstrTune, and i don't know i click here an there...it changed'the numbers ; i think it was on 444, but not sure

Then, i didnt see i moved onto the sub-option PrtTune and another like this, i've unconsciously changed the default value settings

Then suddenly my Tones were modulated as an'aftertouch effect...then, realised, ive accidently pressed the Portamento and that was the problem.(so i desactivated it, pbm solved, somehow)

Anyway, there's still some little artificial buzzing sound and i don't know what this is ?


So, is there a way to set back by default those Tune's values  ? Or something else ?

And also, i tried to search&read on "Tunes" in the Manual, but theres nothing on this feature. And im quite stuck in ignoring the Tune's Function !

So far, it doesnt sounds as it was before and i need some help there !

Did i do something really wrong somewhere ?


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