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Getting A Different Sounding Patch Depending On Source

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Hello All,


I like the piano sounds on my Casio PX 560M Privia, [which I bought new a few years ago now]. They’re really quite good.


But when I play the actual PX 560M keyboard, I get a different sounding patch than when I play the same assigned Casio piano patch triggered from another external digital MIDI 88 keyboard.


[There are no issues with the MIDI transmission of notes on/off, velocity, and sustain pedal CC64 messages being received whatsoever - all work/transmit fine.  It has also never been taken out of home to a gig, nor had any one else touch or mess with it - only me.]


I have the incoming MIDI channel set to ‘C’ [default] in the settings and in the mixer.


But it just doesn’t sound the same, even when I go into the 3 mixers and set the piano patch I like in both ‘A’ and ‘C’ in the mixer itself.  [I'm using the 'LA Piano' patch.]


With proper external Allen & Heath QU16 Mixer settings and tweaking, I've got it sounding excellent - but again, only when I play the Casio keyboard itself directly.


I've tried saving to a few separate Registrations as well.


Am I missing something?

Do I need to change the incoming MIDI channel setting to ‘A’, instead of ‘C’?   Or Possibly 'B'? 


[I learned many years ago of what ‘Local On/Off’ does and means, so I'm also  wondering if that’s something else to consider toggling in the settings menu.]


So, in summary: My goal, desire, and quest here, is to have the external digital 88 MIDI piano trigger/sound the same patches/sounds that I hear when playing the Casio keyboard itself.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Thank you,



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Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply and answer, Brad.


But is it really just as simple as that? 


If you have a spare moment, could you expand on why this is, so that I may learn and understand?


I'm pretty well versed and experienced in almost all things MIDI, but when there's 3 different sets/groups/mixers, it can be confusing and even a bit overwhelming at times to know what to choose - and when.




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