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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "come out of the midi format", but if that means playing MIDI data from a computer or flash drive via USB, then no, there should be nothing to reset.   It could theoretically depend on the content of the MIDI -- like I suppose if it contained certain Sysex commands, it's possible it could change something.  Most MIDI software I've seen, when it detects a MIDI file contains Sysex commands, asks whether to send them (generally you should not unless you know they are appropriate for the keyboard).  But in most cases, I would think the most it would require is selecting a registration to set things back to a "known" configuration state.

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The only settings relating to MIDI are Keyboard Channel (which MIDI channel to use when sending keyboard events to a computer), Local Control (which just prevents the keyboard from sounding notes itself if you are "playing" sounds on the computer end instead, and yes, you might want to turn that off if you are going back to "normal" keyboard play), and Accomp Out (which just determines whether Accompaniment note events are included in what is sent to the computer/MIDI controller).   Those settings persist until you change them, although I believe they do go back to defaults if you turn the keyboard off and back on again, and don't have Auto Resume turned on.

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