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need good & reasonably priced keyboard repair in NYC (Brooklyn) for PX-330

tony t

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Right Joe, what is wrong specifically? Good keyboard or electronic techs are hard to find even here on the East Coast and usually work on their own-the only keyboard repair company I ever used (years back in NJ and not Casio) kept my SY77 for months, never notified me that they couldn't repair it after I chased them down, ended up repairing it myself. Another local tech kept my DW-6000 and disappeared, careful before you send it to someone!  I have disassembled the PX-350 and XW-P1 and every other keyboard I've owned for repair or mods, maybe I can help. Not in it professionally although trained for it-many good techs travel on the road with bands so are hard to pin down for local work. Casio's repair service restored the formware on my XW-P1 and turned it around within a week, not bad but they needed to replace the mainboard with the CPU epoxied on it. Sometimes if you are lucky it could be an unseated connector, a loose socketed chip or simply a system reboot if it is an oddly functioning problem. Get back to the forum, there are many very knowledgable people here versed in computers and music maybe we can get you up and running. Hope this helps.

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