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  1. "Lucky Man" patch?

    Thanks, Ted!
  2. "Lucky Man" patch?

    Hi everyone! Just wondering if someone may have created a "Lucky Man" (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) patch for the PX-560? Our band is considering playing "Lucky Man", but without that signature synth sound, the song would be worthless. Thanks in advance!
  3. PX-560: How many Hex Layers?

    Rich is correct. 4 hex layers!
  4. Privia PX350 help for a blind musician please!

    Hi David - so glad to see you found what you were looking for over here... and all within 48 hours!! Forums like this add value to the products, and are priceless! Brad, you're right - this thread absolutely says it all! Happy New Year to all!!!
  5. R.I.P. Greg Lake

    Another member of Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Greg Lake - passed away due to his long battle with cancer Very sad
  6. Gig Bag for my PX560

    I've been using the Nord Gig Bag (GB88) for years! Its been on stairs, concrete, dirt, mud, stones, venues from hell, and just about every type of terrain you can think of. Still holding strong. The Priva fits right in!! This case offers excellent protection, and it also has a handle on the back - halfway between the top & bottom of the case - which is important because you can wheel the case like a dollie or hand cart. Much better than using just the top handle (which makes you tote a lot more weight as opposed to operating it like a hand cart). Its not cheap at $299, but its come down in price (it was $499 just a couple of years ago). Check it out here.
  7. Data Editor for PX-560M?

    Actually, 30 years ago you had the Yamaha DX7, Roland D-50 and the Korg M1 to name a few. They all had LCD's. Korg M1 even had a sequencer! Korg was using touchscreens more than 20 years ago (ie: Korg Trinity). So if you think about it, nothing is really new today.... just newer, better, faster, more polyphony, color, etc.
  8. Data Editor for PX-560M?

    If you've ever used a PX-5S, and then tried the PX-560, you'd understand that there's really no need for a data editor on the PX-560. With its color graphic display touchscreen (where you can see an actual envelope graph as you edit it) among other things, there's no need for an editor. On the PX-5S however, that's a different story (small, b&w non-touch screen heavily menu-driven).
  9. PX-560 headphone jack - output impedance

    For fun & grins, could you go to the system section, turn OFF the built-in speakers and re-measure to see if that changed anything?
  10. Forum improvement suggestions.

    Thanks for the update, Mike. I was wondering if there might be a forthcoming hex tone that emulates the synth that Keith Emerson used in "Lucky Man". With the recent passing of Keith, I (and I'm sure others) are looking for some ELP tones. Not just "Lucky Man" but "From The Beginning", "Jerusalem" and others!!!

    It looks like Casio just created a User Download (ie: community created) section for the PX-560! So anyone who has anything (ie: hex-layer files) they want to share with the Casio PX-560 user community, you can now upload to that section!
  12. Forum improvement suggestions.

    How about opening up a PX-560 download section for USERS to upload their unique PX-560 hex layers to? So far there's only a PX-560 download section for Casio-generated files (sadly with only 1 file in it).

    Thank you, Trent! As far as populating that PX-560 download area ourselves.... we'll need some help from one of the administrators to create a "user-generated download section" for the PX-560. So far there's only an "Official Casio Download" section for the PX-560 (with 1 file in it).

    That's true Brad, but a couple of weeks ago in the PX-560 live webinar Mike Martin stated the PX-560 download section would start being populated very soon.

    I think he means the downloads for new sounds created for the PX-560 which is here: http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/files/category/40-privia-px-560/ Unfortunately, there's currently only 1 file there. I've also been waiting for this section to be populated.