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Casio wk 6600 recording tracks question

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I just acquired the Casio wk6600 thinking I could easily record tracks.  The manual is inadequate

and confusing.  Can someone walk me through the process of recording 16-bar long "songs" with

drums, guitar, bass, piano and horns?  I have multiple questions about this but will wait till someone can 

get me started with the basic recording of multiple tracks using different instruments.

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a second aport,


you can press the sequencer button and if you can see, in the bottom of each number of the track  there is an arrow under number1, that means that you are using this track in this moment, if oyu use the arrows key right key, you will see that the arrow is moving to other track, and you  can play, change parameters, etc, in this track, it depends which trak you select, and you will realize that the #10 track is the drums track,i think that this track is special for drums in order to generate the midi sample (must be the drums be set in this track)


with this you are able to select any instrument in any track and start to recording each one.

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Look at the manual for recording on track 17-which is the master track-and is used specifically for recording the preset rhythm patterns in the sequencer. then you can add other tracks-but leave the rhythm track alone. You can record  the intros, endings, fills all in one recording on that one track, while you are switching the rhythm parts around live. so now you will have a recording of the rhythm accompaniment on one track, complete with an intro, ending etc., and still have the other 16 tracks to record individual chords, melodies or drum/percussion/sound effects  parts on any of the other tracks. 

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Most any Casio keyboard in the last 20 years or so with a multi track recorder like this has what's called a system track.  The system track is designed to record rhythms, upper and lower tones, and other features that's normally played live on the keyboard.  If a model has a feature called "easy record" like the WK-6600, that will automatically select the system track for recording.  Other tracks in the recorder are known as solo instrument tracks, used when you want to select a single instrument tone and record with it.  On the 6600, you can use the left and right arrow buttons to select the different track types for recording.  

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