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Ctx 9000 indian styles download link

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7 hours ago, Jenz said:

Hi can’t seem to open this file any advice.  I’m 72 yrs old so not the sharpest techno.  Any help would be appreciated.  I’ve tried opening on my iPad and laptop.


It's a compressed file.  You'll need to extract the file contents on your computer first.  That can sometimes be done by right clicking on the file and selecting extract from the menu.

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On 9/5/2021 at 11:21 AM, Rahul said:

How can i download this

Hi Rahul,

You can download the rhythm pack that is provided by Casio from the site " https://ctx.casio.in/ "

You have to click on the green box "Click here to DOWNLOAD", and then you to fill these details for downloading the pack.

While filling the form there is asking 'Select the files you wish to download'

(If you wanted Indian Rhythms, select "Rhythm Expansion"

If you wanted Examination Data, select "Examinations Tones/Rhythm")

After filling the requirements submit the form and you can download it by clicking on Download button.


After downloading the "Compressed File" from the site extract it.

There are two files category in a zip. One is manual and documentation with the extension usually ".txt" or ".pdf" and the another one ".AC7" which is a rhythm file or have to load it on the keyboard.

Loading process ---
Requirements - a USB stick with default FAT32 formated.

(If any error show for USB or If you don't know what extension the drive formated. How to formate it to keyboards default FAT32, plug the USB to the keyboard. One the keyboard press FUNCTION and go to 'Media' option by using "<" ">" signs button on num-pad. Then press ENTER. go to 'Formate' option by using those signs buttons. Press ENTER and confirm it by using YES button.
You will get formate dialog by the keyboard if required. If no USB decree, troubleshoot it by using keyboard manual)
{Note that the formating of USB drive will delete all the data of you drive, make sure you save you data if required!}


Loading Process ---

First of all make the folder in the ROOT of the usb "MUSICDAT" and just paste .AC7 files to the MUSICDAT named folder.


Then load it to the keyboard.

2. Go to "Media" option (by using < > buttons)
3. Select "Load" option
4. Select "Rhythm" option
5. Select your rhythm which one you wanted
6. Choose your User number to load the rhythm
7. Press ENTER

(For data loading process you have to follow same process)
(Data can be load one file at a same time)


All done! Enjoy!

That's it

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