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Is there a way to convert Yamaha voices and styles to format compatable with Casio CTX3000?

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I just bought a CTX3000 and am deciding whether to keep it or return it.  Though I like much about the keyboard, I'm disappointed at the lack of good acoustic guitar tones, compared to the Yamaha keyboards I've had in the past.

Wonder if there are additional acoustic guitar tones and/or other acoustic instument tones available for downloading and installing on my Casio keyboard, and if so, where I can access them?  I looked at the small group of additonal tones on this website and they don't look to be what I'm hoping to find.


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If you are interested, you may want to check out the Tone Tyrant software, which gives you extensive control over Tone editing.  While you can adjust a LOT of stuff with this tool (more so than on the keyboard), from subtle improvements to ridiculous extremes, the quality is still limited by the fundamental samples in the keyboard, as Brad points out.  There's probably no adjustment that will give you "even more realistic guitar" (but "better"?  Maybe).


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Yamaha voice packs are "locked" - even if your casio has ability to download new sounds, like MZ-X series, you can't extract yamaha voice files from their "package".

To be honest, same is for Casio - you can't extract anything from casio voice files.

Yamaha styles are easy to convert, btw.


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Alex, thanks for your input.  FYI I have many single voice files for more expensive and less expensive Yamaha keyboards (which use different file formats), saved on a flash drive.  I downloaded these years ago from a Yamaha user group, not affiliated with Yamaha.

So the voice package issue is not an issue for me.


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