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GrPnoConcert sound seems to have changed?


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Tonight I've noticed for the first time, after having the CGP-700 for 7 or 8 years, that the GrPnoConcert sound seems to have a chorus or tremolo quality to it.  But only when coming through the speakers on the top, and also when the cabinet speakers are plugged in.  When I plug in headphones and the internal speakers or cabinet speakers are disabled, the headphone sound is fine.  I only hear the tremolo distortion from the speakers of the keyboard.  


I will say that I have the piano in a relatively new room (I've had it there for a month but never noticed it before) and I thought it might be the placement of the piano against the wall.  So I tried moving the keyboard to various positions with different angles and distances from the wall thinking it might be some slap coming off the wall, but that doesn't help.   Is there anything to the electronics that could be causing the distortion in the signal path going to speaker that wouldn't take the same path to the headphones, that sound fine?


Any ideas how I can trouble shoot this further? Maybe take the whole thing into a different room, I guess.

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I think I figured it out.  I live in Florida.  I had set up the piano, played it, didn't notice any problems.  Left it while out of town.  Came back to warmer weather and I'm now running the overhead ceiling fan.  The airflow seems to be causing the tremelo or chorus.  No distortion while listening directly over headphones.  Problem goes away when I turn off the fan.


(I will do a factory reset at some point just for the heck of it.  I don't have many presets set and I can't really remember what I even have set.)  

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Just noticed this post-4 years later, I like to stay on top of things......but these posts suggested to me a new cheap way to get a leslie organ effect-without a Neo-Vent or other B or C emulator etc. Just install  a ceiling fan on top of your PA or keyboard amp-careful placement may be critical to get the desired effect. Also a fan with variable speed would be nifty. And to ramp it up or down-just turn it off/on. Fans normally speed up and slow down slowly anyway especially if you get one of those big 6-blade suckers, making for a very realistic imitation of a real leslie, I think.....just add a DIY surround box to protect yer hands and fingers, all set.  The audience will never suspect.........only you will know  😵😵😜😜:spacecraft-1:

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