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Am I being fussy about noisy key

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Since it is brand new, if you are not fully confident, returning to the seller for exchange or refund is an option.  As time goes by, noises like that may also be covered under warranty.  Having said that, it's just a noise.  It can perform normally like that for the next 30 years.  Most keyboards of this nature come with a tacky grease under the keys to reduce such noise when new, and with age and usage, eventually it needs to be refreshed to maintain the same factory fresh noise reduction, but it's not necessary if the noise is not a bother.  Sometimes shipping causes things to shift around after it leaves the factory, where a key might be louder than others.  In my experience, this has never caused a failure to perform.  I hope this helps. 

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Doesn't sound right to me. The XW and WK's I play have similar key designs and I've never heard a noise like this. Almost sounds like something is stuck in the key inside, or something is loose. Especially if this is the only key, (you didn't say) it is definitely not sounding like a normal key noise. If all the keys sound like this, I would return it. No Casio I've ever played sounded like this, unless there was something broken or stuck inside. I would contact the seller, let them know. Almost sounds like something got inside the key assembly, maybe during packing or shipping, and is stuck in there.

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