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Sound Quality Casio PX S7000

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Hi everyone, I’ve just traded up from a Casio AP700 to a PX S7000 and I’m finding that the S7000 doesn’t have the same deep sound as the AP700, in fact it sounds pretty plinky.


I like the additional selection of instruments and the ability to control the keyboard via my iPad i just can’t replicate the deeper bass and rich sound the AP700 offered. It almost sounds like it missing a sub woofer.


Just wondered if anyone had had the same issue and found something in the settings. I was even toying with the idea of an amp and speakers but that seems a bit of overkill for my home usage.




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Hi Pete.  It makes sense that the AP-700 would have deeper bass.  It has a 60 watt total, 6 speaker sound system with a larger cabinet to work with, probably more efficient.  PX-S7000 packs 4 speakers at 32 watts total into a slim portable chassis.   As with most portable keyboards or pianos, deeper bass would be found by adding some good external monitors.  You may even find it possible to add a subwoofer.  I've seen some forum members connect powered subwoofers to keyboards before, creating a 2.1 channel type sound system using the internal speakers and sub combined.  

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